Flowers or Candy


Happy Valentine’s Day! I started my day with chocolate. Well, it was chocolate coffee   I attempted a tempo run this morning, but the hill out killed me. At least the way back was a breeze. I’m convinced I live in a ditch and it’s hard to get away, but easy to roll run back. When I got back I polished off the rest of the pineapple cottage cheese topped with chia seeds, … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Mom


Tomorrow’s is my mom’s Birthday! Happy Birthday mom! A little background on my mom = she’s the person who birthed me. I’ve known her almost since I was born(in case you didn’t put that together). She’s Mexican and had a red-headed baby, which makes her weird. I mean awesome. We celebrated today because of work stuff tomorrow. I cooked up a dinner of salmon, salad and … [Read more...]