Marathon in 10 Weeks–Seriously.

oc marathon thumb Marathon in 10 Weeks–Seriously.

I signed up for the OC Half Marathon way back in August (when I got a good discount email). Recently, I’ve been going back and forth about switching to the Full.

I really wanted to find a flat like my chest and fast course for my next full.  I do not think that the OC Marathon is that. But, it’s local (read: a lot cheaper than traveling). I’m hoping the hometown advantage will help me, so I signed up.

I’m nervous about this decision, but I don’t have time to worry because it’s only 10 Weeks away! Didn’t I just recommend 16-18 weeks for marathon training? Um yeah, I did.

But, I’m already up to 13.1 miles in my long run, so I’m starting from there.

I’ve put together a training and nutrition program to get me to the finish line. I’ll share it as I go along. I usually just chisel my training plan onto a cave wall old school style (read: pen and paper calendar) so I don’t have it on the computer to post now. Feel free to ask questions if you have them, I just can’t show my whole calendar right now wlEmoticon smile30 Marathon in 10 Weeks–Seriously.

72 Days until the OC Marathon!!!

I haven’t taken training for any of the last 4 half marathons seriously, but I want to take this training seriously. Starting now.

I have a long run scheduled after my morning interview today. I probably won’t even begin until 11am – let’s hope I bust it out!!!

Ben randomly requested something with BBQ sauce for dinner. I made these fake chicken tenders…IMG 8675 thumb Marathon in 10 Weeks–Seriously.IMG 8676 thumb Marathon in 10 Weeks–Seriously.

and got BBQ sauce on the side to dip. Tip: the TJ’s BBQ Sauce has no HFCS. I stuck with Ketchup though.IMG 8679 thumb Marathon in 10 Weeks–Seriously.

I wanted french fries to go with it, but opted for this new to me TJ’s find – LOVED IT. Well seasoned, tons of mushrooms, good stuff. IMG 8674 thumb Marathon in 10 Weeks–Seriously.

Fake chicken fingers, knock-off fries, cole slaw. This is like Monic-fil-A.IMG 8680 thumb Marathon in 10 Weeks–Seriously.

Dessert was unpictured. It always is. Seriously.

I got both TJ’s new flavors of cream cheese yesterday. I’ve been eating cream cheese night and day to get rid of the regular stuff and finally get my hands on these!!!IMG 8682 thumb Marathon in 10 Weeks–Seriously.

The peanut kind has pieces of peanuts. And probably crack.

IMG 8685 thumb Marathon in 10 Weeks–Seriously.

The strawberry kind has pieces of strawberries that were actually grown in Heaven. I had some straight up with a spoon my finger. Seriously. IMG 8687 thumb Marathon in 10 Weeks–Seriously.

Question: What do you think about hometown races?

I don’t feel like this is really hometown because I’m new to the OC, but I’m hoping to get familiar with it real fast wlEmoticon smile30 Marathon in 10 Weeks–Seriously. 

PS – Katherine won the Celestial Seasoning Tea Giveaway!


  1. says

    I am doing the half!!! I was considering doing the full, but uh, hell no :)

    This is definitely a hometown race for me (well, home county) which in some ways I like, but I really want to travel for my next race. If I do a full marathon again, I want it to be in a big city :)

  2. says

    Hey, I am all for the home town runs tbh….. was going to do London and then Paris marathon but concidered the hassle for travelling and accommodation etc so decided upon Monaco half in 1 months time. (near where I live). I also down sized to a half after I realised I hadn’t left enough training time for the full.
    Good luck in your training and enjoy where you can ;0)
    have fun

  3. says

    you go, girl! glad to hear you signed up for the full ‘thon. can’t wait to follow along as you train! i am old-school with pen and paper plans, too, for training plans – something satisfying about physically ticking off a training run from the schedule!
    home-town races are the best:as you say, no travelling, plus you get an inside advantage in knowing the route.
    all the best!!

  4. says

    I’m doing a hometown-ish race next month (full marathon) because I don’t like traveling for races. It’s super small, but really flat (and on the water!) so maybe that will make up for it? I decided to do it on a whim after doing a half last month, so I’m basically in your boat too :)

  5. says

    Good luck! I know you’ll be more than ready in 10 weeks.

    I like hometown races, especially for the cost/convenience factor. I suppose that’s the good thing about living outside of DC; there are a ton of races year round.

  6. says

    Peanutbutter cream cheese?!! Wow that looks amazing!!!

    Good luck with the race coming up too!!! Dont stress girl, you will be ready and will do great!

    Have a happy Friday! xo

  7. says

    I’m going to have to pay more attention at TJs because you always find the best stuff! I love hometown races…they are easy to get to, lots of fans who know you, and a familiar course! Good luck with your training!

  8. Elliott says

    Thanks for answering my “Ask a Monican” question! After some further talking with the XC coach at my college, I decided to go with it! I will have had 14 weeks of training on the big day….April 30th! That’s the day before the OC so we will be going through the rough stuff together! Good luck with your training and thanks again for the advice :)

  9. says

    Not that I have been in lots of races..but I love racing in MD because most of the races I have done are in differnt areas of MD…so I get to see places I wouldn’t usually travel to. I think that once I am a more experienced runner, I will travel for races..but for now I am happy running around MD.

  10. says

    Awesome!! Im intruiged about your nutrition plan-Im great with the running part, but I always lose it with crap nutrition. What are you going to change about your diet for training?

  11. says

    My mom has been raving about those Trader Joes Country Potatoes. Guess I need to go buy them huh? And the peanut butter cream cheese? Forget about it. I would eat it all at once. Hmm….it would be really good on the banana bread I’m always baking….

  12. says

    I ran a half marathon around my college town and loved it because the course was so easy to memorize, and we ran by some of the really pretty parts of the area. I like to travel to new places for races, but hate that there is so much that I don’t know, like weather and altitude, etc.

  13. Ida says

    Hometown races are great b/c you can train on the course. I’m sure 10 weeks will be enough time since you’re already running 1/2′s comfortably.

  14. says

    I’m doing a “hometown race” next month in Modesto, where I grew up (the 1/2). It’s a small Central Valley town that doesn’t have anything too flashy, but I’m really excited to take my new hobby home and run streets that truly familiar.

    You’re the third person to mention the PB cream cheese from TJ. I think I need some.

  15. says

    you’re going to rock it! that’s exciting! I’ve only done a couple of races ever. and they’ve always been where i was living (sac, LA…) but for my marathon I signed up for Big Sur because it’s close enough that I can drive and only have to spend one night there, but it’s still a pretty place and something kind of new.

  16. says

    Seriously, why is the name Monica pretty much the perfect name to mix with other words/phrases. Oh yeah, because it is only the coolest name in the world.

    I prefer local races, like starting points within walking distance from my front porch, but only two of those exist a year in Los Angeles. So I eventually need to suck it up and be ok with commuting to a race.

    That peanut cream cheese sounds mighty delicious and mighty dangerous!

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