I Like Sundays

I like Sundays. I usually keep it super low key and that’s exactly what a Sunday calls for, don’t you think?

I like an easy ramp up to the week Smile

Today I headed to my mom’s to visit Bailey, Roxy and the fam.

the dogsBailey face

We took them for a nice walk. Don’t let the sunshine fool ya though, it’s cold here! Okay, I know that’s relative to where you are, but I’m a freeze ball.Roxy and Bailey

My mom and I went to Costco where she bought me Photoshop! Ha! Love love.

But I have to ask: Does everyone’s copy have a Mexican kid on the front? Or is that just my Mexicans-only copy? I hope the directions aren’t in Spanish…photoshop

Ben didn’t come with me to my mom’s, but  he did call to make a special request for the Finest Mexican Food in Southern California. If you’re familiar with Pico, you’re familiar with Pepe’s.

Pepe's in Pico

So, I also made a special request for roasted broccoli to be cooked while I drove home. We both win. Even though I didn’t realize how bad this stuff stinks up the house. When I walked inside I thought, “something died in here”.


I wanted cheese and ketchup for dinner and decided to have both of those items on a veggie burger. It was good – not as good as Ben’s California Burrito (which I stole bites of), but good.


Dessert was a Vitatop In A Jar, with hot chocolate. It’s like Oats in a Jar, only more awesome. Vitatop in a jar

Tomorrow I have grand plans for Mexican Meatless Monday and some info on  my new BodyBugg. But, I’m gonna try and catch up on emails and life and trash TV for the rest of the night…


    • says

      He (Bailey) was a shelter rescue we got when he was a puppy too! But since he was a shelter pup, we don’t know for sure what he is. They said he was a “lab-mix” when he was little, but it’s obvious that there is more of other breeds in there.

  1. jen says

    I laughed about the broccoli. I barely notice a smell anymore because I eat such smelly foods, but my boyfriend is so revolted when he comes in and I’m cooking vegetables.

  2. says

    Ha ha, broccoli is a killer, both during and after. I love to eat it roasted or grilled, so good!! I am going to do a yummy taco salad tomorrow with my new found appreciation for avocado! I use Amy’s meatless beef crumbles…pretty tasty!! I love that you eat your burgers on bread! I toast mine, and use it as a bun as well :)

  3. says

    I love Sundays too, although they are kinda anticlimatic because it’s the end of a weekend.

    LOVE roasted Broccoli. Try it with cottage cheese and ketchup. My new favorite food.

  4. says

    I haven’t tried roasted broccoli – my husband hates broccoli but I want to try it.

    Looks like a great trip to Costco – I have been thinking about photoshop but haven’t made the big purchase…

  5. says

    hahah last time I went home to visit my parents, i roasted some broccoli and brussels sprouts. my little sister came home and all night talked about how the house smelled like a dead animal.

    yup, definitely the roasted veggies! ha

  6. says

    I’m jealous of your BodyBugg! I want to see how you like it before deciding to get one, so keep those reviews coming! And I want to try VitaTops! I’ve heard good things.

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