Donut Holes and Detox

Last night’s lack of sleep inspired me to make a trip to the Whole Foods Juice Bar today for a pick-me-up. My favorite one is the “Detox”. (I sometimes get questions on good juices – I think picking one of their set combinations is always a safe bet.)

Detox Rocks

I always request the wheatgrass on the side, but they forgot this time. Oh well, couldn’t taste it.

I walked around WF chugging my juice and putting things in my cart that had no business being there. This is my retail therapy Smile

Detox juice

And when I remembered (via all the signs up through out the store) that today is $2.00 off / pound at the Hot Food bar I could not pass it up! Lunch time!

Whole Foods Bar

Since I’m a copier, but too lazy to actually make pretzels at home – I bought one and snagged a piece to go with my goods.

Whole Foods Pretzel

I also scandalously grabbed an extra sample of chocolate chip cookie for lunch-dessert.

choc chip cookie

To keep with the Detox theme I grabbed this Natural Health magazine because of the “Super Simple Detox” article on the cover. I’m usually pretty anti-detox since I think an all or nothing mentality is very ED (eating disorder) inspired.

Natural Health

Perhaps, binging on donut holes is also ED inspired, but that’s less unpleasant. Kinda.

I have also been craving those homemade donuts that have been going around the blogworld. But again, I am way to lazy to make them. In my defense, I doubt Ben would eat them and I would probably polish off the whole pan in one night. Let’s not go there.

So, I picked up these Donut Holes from Whole Paycheck on my way out. They are in the freezer section, but I’ve seen them in the bakery section of other health stores.healthy donut holes

They are vegan and made with all natural ingredients, but that doesn’t mean they’re “good for you”. I shouldn’t kid myself – these aren’t vitamins. But they taste amazing and there are 12 in a box. 2 healthy donut holes

Well, there was 12 in the box.

Where is that detox magazine again…


  1. says

    You are so funny! I loved this post! I love to make homemade juice with my juicer when I feel like I need a good cleanse! It always makes me feel completely rejuvenated! And that hot food bar box looks AMAZING :)

  2. says

    Donut holes are SNEAKY. I always think I’m doing “better” by just eat a “few” donut holes. I mean, it’s not a WHOLE donut, right? 😉

  3. says

    It’s amazing but I do the exact same things at Whole Food. I get a juice, drink juice while buying things I don’t normally buy, go to hot bar and snack on samples. Do you ever go to WF on tuesday for their $1 taco and $2 margaritas all day? Not sure if they have it at all WF but the one in Tustin does.

  4. says

    Thanks for making the comment about detox/ed; while I definitely don’t have one, a few people near and dear do me do and I’ve had this discussion before (also, coincidentally, it is ED Awareness Week). Once in awhile is cool, though, as long as you have a handle on your habits.

  5. kati says

    i live right next to a whole foods and never go there (except for the salad bar) because its so expensive! but they have glazed carrot cake donut holes!?!? why did i not know about this sooner! yum!

  6. says

    I heart Whole Foods so much…even though it makes me poor. Whatever. At least I’ll be poor and well fed? I haven’t noticed those doughnut holes at my W.F. but will keep an eye out on my next trip!!!

  7. says

    I totally binged on Dunken Donut donut holes this morning. LOL!!! I kindasorta validated it by saying i was carb loading for tonights 5k training run. haha! Too bad it didnt work. my run was kinda crappy

  8. says

    omg hold the phone…2 dollars off?!? I wish that’s at my whole foods :( But if it was offered, that’d probably mean I would load up my box with double the amount of goods b/c Id be “paying less”…marketing schemes lol…..

    I think detoxes are dumb unless you have been truly been “balls to the wall” with unhealthy eating. I think “all or nothing” just sets us up for a fall to failure in my opinion…moderation and good eats is the key for me :)

  9. says

    hahaha…i love this post. WF gets us every time…have you been to the new one in HB at the bella terra? i need to hit it up! although i guess i’d have to come home first…gah. i can’t believe the nearest WF is over 60 miles away…:(

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