Ask a Monican has bags under her eyes…

It’s true. Sad, but true.

Ask a Monica 8 Questions:

1. Did you always like your red hair?

2. When are you getting knocked up?

3. What’s up with the Bodybugg?

My afternoon snack was more amazing cereal. It’s exactly like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, only easier to justify. Told you I shouldn’t have bought that cereal. At least it will be gone by tomorrow. And by “gone” I mean “in my belly”.


Dinner was an Everything But the Kitchen Sink Salad. I feel messed up if I don’t have one a day.


Now I gotta get to my confession #7 from today (hot cocoa) and a Vitatop Smile 

See ya Friday!

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  1. says

    I agree with your baby answer- I am in the exact same spot. The only people that want me to have babies are childless friends who want to live vicariously through me (making me the guinea pig) and my mom. Everyone else I know complains about parenthood! “I love my kids, but get read for no sleep, stretch marks, being broke, no time, constant flues and colds, blah, blah, blah.” I’m sorry, but that’s not really enticing when I can go out for drinks at the drop of a dime and then sleep in until nine or ten the next day.

    Your red hair is great!

  2. says

    I’m laughing right now because I just watched your video and told Brian that it was cool because I’d never heard you talk… and then I just read your comment on my blog about hearing us talk. Great minds think alike, eh?

    I like your answer to the baby question. Although I don’t know that anyone ever feels REALLY ready for a kid, you definitely know when it is NOT the right time. OH- and for the record, I really liked being pregnant… I actually miss it sometimes. Or maybe I just have hindsight bias because it’s been 15 months…

  3. Jessica says

    So the entire time I’ve been reading your blog I’m continually struck by how much you remind me of my family. I’ve never mentioned this and hopefully it’s not creepy or anything, but your comment about the red-hair/Mexican thing has pushed me to the point of commenting.

    First off, your face structure/general appearance is almost identical to both my mom and little sister. Second, my mom and both of my sister’s have(/had) red hair. My older sister happens to have the same exact shade as your’s is right now. Third, my older sister is married to a Mexican man and about two weeks away from giving birth to their mixed baby girl. She speaks fluent spanish and is definitely immersed in the Mexican culture.

    You are essentially my long lost sister. As far as hair, face, and cultural groups go that is…

  4. Sarah says

    “haven’t drank the kool-aid” – that was my favourite bit. hilarious. I am not ready for kids, but I never plan on having them! My husband and I know that it will change our relationship forever, and it’s in ways that we don’t want it to change. And…these are the one that makes people think I am a horrible person….I really don’t think I would a) enjoy not receiving the same amount of attention from my husband, and b) deal well with the idea that the world is no longer my oyster.

    Plus I have the perfect excuse if I don’t feel like explaining all of that: I am an environmental scientist and I don’t want to contribute to over-population :-)

    • Tiffany says

      We’re not having kids, either, Sarah, so don’t feel like a “horrible person”. Your reasons and desires ARE valid and actually, highly noble. We all have different views and desires in life–some want kids, some truly don’t. I am beyond the point of even explaining myself in terms of remaining child-free–I guess I feel like at 35, I’m past the age where I would have had kids if I HAD wanted them, so that speaks for itself. 😉 Just feel proud, and know that you are not alone. We love being child-free in this household.

      • Steph says

        I love that you and your SOs agree about having no kids. I’ve been with my BF for 7 years and I don’t really want kids and he does. We’re getting to the age where we better find a compromise, because there won’t be a point to staying together.

      • Tiffany says

        I can definitely tell that about you, Monica! It’s lovely to hear, and awesome that you are taking your time making your choice, too! :)

  5. Tiffany says

    Monica, I love that you freely admit you’re not ready, and that really, you’re not overjoyed at the idea of having children. I have never heard anyone in my life (at least not in their 30s) jump for joy whilst being pregnant. Most just got through it b/c they either really wanted a kid, or else they felt “pressured” into having one b/c it seemed the logical next life step. This is SUCH a personal question and issue, and it’s awesome that you are taking your time in making a choice. You should feel proud of yourself for moving slowly on the matter!

  6. Kelli says

    I totally love your outlook you seem so genuine. FYI- We got married were unsure if we wanted kids and figured ifit was meant to be and so the first month I got pregnant and 6 years later we have two and I don’t regret it at allThey are such a joy and this is coming from someone who never wanted kids!LOL just dogs

  7. says

    absolutely love video! honestly, when I realized you are mexican and your hair is naturally that red…it gave me a mild mind cancer (a.k.a confusion). I actually said to my latina bff, “There is this RED HAIRED mexican girl whose blog I read!”

    thank you.

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