15 Great Miles

I had the best run all year (well, the best after the AZ half) today! I did 15 miles in 2:11:10 and felt really great the whole time!

I don’t know why it was so speedy, but I’ll take it!

I ate my same pre-run breakfast – english muffin with PB&J and iced coffee.


I woke up to a very drizzly, gloomy day. I was not excited to get out and run in that weather so I took my time getting ready.

I double checked the weather report and it said the rain was supposed to stop at 8am. I thought that was weird because it was still so gray at 7:30am, but I was hopeful.

I often say that the stars have to align for me to have a good run. Well, today the skies parted and I guess the white fluffy clouds aligned!


The weather turned gorgeous and I sped along on my old favorite route. Ben used to live on a 5 mile loop that I loved to run. So, I drove there and ran it 3 times. I know that’s kinda weird, but there is a bike path nearby if I got bored – I just never did!


I tried to not look at my Garmin and just run with the flow. I really just listened to my body and since it felt good – I made sure to keep my pace up without checking my speed. I figured I’d find out at the end Smile 

I did have a quick bathroom break in the beginning. I don’t know what I did differently today, but I could not hold it!

And I chugged the last of my Gatorade around mile 12 – I could really feel that kick in and help me with the last 3 miles!

15 miles in 2 hours 11 minutes 10 seconds

Average Pace: 8:45 minute miles


I came home to a pancake breakfast! Ben cooked up some pancakes and left me a batch. Great long run and pancakes?!?! Love it.


I’m not sure what is on the agenda for the day. I think Matt is getting restless so we better get out of the house!

See ya later!


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    Nice! A five mile loop is a nice sized one. I have a short 3 mile one I do, but 5 times around might drive be crazy (coming from the girl who plans to do 10 on a treadmill this weekend, haha).

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    Way to go on that run! I love those “I had a great long run” days.

    I wish I came home to pancakes, but I guess I should just be thankful that the baby is reasonably clean and not screaming when I come in the door :)

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    Great run and a speedy one too.

    I ran this morning and waited for the skies to clear before I headed out. I had a great run too….maybe it’s in the air. The runner’s high air where we both live :)

    Have a good weekend

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      The iced coffee helps with running, but I do have it pretty often lately :) I’ve read several studies referencing the benefits of caffeine when you’re running (that’s why some Gus have caffeine in them!).

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    That is AWESOME!! I cannot wait to make those posts in the future! I am hoping once I get past these newbie hurdles, I will be a runnin’ fool (Forrest Gump) like you are! Pancakes afterwards, what else could a gal ask for 😉 I am looking forward to a Peanut Butter/Choco Banana breakfast pizzert this week, and am holding off on pancakes until next weekend when I do the first 5K race/run :) Had some amazing Mexican food last night and wanted to ask if you have ever had a great recipe for enchiladas that is more on the healthy side?! Hope the rest of your Sunday goes as super as how it started :)

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