Where’s Your Sombrero?

Time to put on your Sombrero!

Because it’s Mexican Meatless Monday!Mexican flag thumb Where’s Your Sombrero?

(I took that picture on a cruise to Baja back when I thought it was okay to go to Mexico.)

Today I made Green Chili Mushroom Enchiladas. IMG 9258 thumb Where’s Your Sombrero?

The filling:

1/2 c. onions

package sliced mushrooms

1 Tb. minced garlic

1 c. shredded cheeseIMG 9246 thumb Where’s Your Sombrero?

The rest:

4 whole wheat tortillas

jar of green chili salsa (or green enchilada sauce)

shredded cheese

Directions: Cook onions and garlic in a hot skillet with Tb. olive oil until tender. Add mushrooms and small cans of green chilies. Cook through.

Take one tortilla, spread 1/4 of the filling mixture and 1/4 of the cheese. Gently roll up. Repeat with each tortilla.

Tip: Using fresh tortilla will prevent breakage.

Pour salsa verde over the rolled enchiladas. Top with cheese. IMG 9247 thumb Where’s Your Sombrero?Bake until cheese is melted and heated through.

IMG 9253 thumb Where’s Your Sombrero?

I served it with refried black beans and roasted broccoli. IMG 9263 thumb Where’s Your Sombrero?

Wait! Something is missing!

Avocado. IMG 9267 thumb Where’s Your Sombrero?Ahhhhh. Much better wlEmoticon smile Where’s Your Sombrero? 

IMG 9277 thumb Where’s Your Sombrero?

Don’t worry, if you didn’t find a sombrero…just pour yourself a margarita pina colada and call it a good time wlEmoticon winkingsmile Where’s Your Sombrero?monica with a drink thumb Where’s Your Sombrero?

There’s this big ol’ blog contest going on with Women’s Health and you can go here to vote for RER or another blog you enjoy wlEmoticon smile Where’s Your Sombrero?


  1. Alejandra says

    Your blog always makes me crave yummy Mexican food! Those enchiladas look amazing. Sadly, you’re right about the Mexico part (well at least the non touristy areas).

  2. says

    The last time I tried to make enchiladas I failed horribly! lol. I can’t eat my fave flour tortillas, but I found that the corn ones just broke into a million pieces. I wanted them to stay together darn it! lol

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