To Fruit or Not To Fruit


After announcing my masochistic desire to give up sugar last night, I got a lot of questions about fruit. To Fruit or Not To Fruit, apparently that is the question. Well, this morning I got an email from Women’s Health magazine about some good fruit choices… Slim Pickings Everybody knows that fruit is good for you, but some are actually packed with tons of sugar and … [Read more...]

Bye Bye Sugar


Yesterday Ben and I were talking about Lent. (Ash Wednesday is a week from tomorrow.) I mentioned giving up sweets. Ben doesn’t observe Lent because he’s not down with the Pope. Don’t worry your Holiness, he’ll get his. But even though Ben doesn’t observe Lent, he was super on board with giving up sweets! Random, I know. But, not that random because he has been complaining … [Read more...]