The Peach and the Pit

Last night I  planned a little date night for Ben and I. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the smoothest night because I failed at a couple things. I’ll break it down Kardashian style for you…

The Peach of the night was the amazing crepe I had for dinner:IMG_0019

The Pit was that I bought tickets to a show for another night and found out at Will Call! Smoooooth Monica, real smooth.

The Peach of the night was my St. Patty’s Day inspired green eye liner. IMG_0010

It came out better than I expected and will be my new “thing”!IMG_0011

I ended up pairing it with a headband to be lazy and not have to brush my hair fancy.


The Pit of the night was not being able to get a sweet crepe for dessert (because of Lent). So, I came home and tried to make rice crispy treats with just PB and brown rice cereal. I avoided using agave or syrup because that would have been cheating.IMG_0023

They were a pit.IMG_0026

Oh well. We still managed to laugh about the wrong night tickets and we have another date night planned for next week now!

This morning I am planning on hitting up a late boot camp so I started my day with pancakes for breakfast.

It’s iced coffee Friday! Wait, that’s not right…IMG_9961

IMG_9971It’s Flapjack Friday!!!


I made a batch of oatbran pancakes slathered with banana PB, sf syrup and served with the some fruit salad.


These pancakes are the Peach of my day so far Smile 

Question: What is the Peach of your day?


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    Growing up, we did Orchids and Onions, or Roses and Thorns. I love Peach and Pit and will definitely start incorporating it into our “week in review” conversation! The Peach of my day was getting up early to run and go to spinning class before work. It made me feel so rejuvenated and energetic! Have a great day!

  2. says

    So far, it’s just been a pit. I woke up with a huge headache and so I have barely left bed. But the peach is that I have absolutely nowhere that I need to be until this afternoon. So in bed I will be.

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    I made a similar mistake once with tickets. I bought matinee tickets to Spamalot, thinking that they were evening tickets. Yeah, we missed the show! I cried all night for that dumb mistake!

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    Peach of my day is finding out I only have to work a half day tomorrow and get to attend some of the B-More Healthy Expo now!! yay!!!
    I wish your rice krispie treats would have turned out…sounds like they would have been right up my alley…peanut butter loveee! :)

  5. says

    Love the green eyeliner!

    And quick story for you. I was visiting my boyfriend who lived thousands of miles away at the time and it was the day before I left, not knowing when I’d even get to see him again. We were both really down…trying to enjoy the last day of my 2 week visit, but really not doing that great. It wasn’t until late afternoon when someone said something online to me that triggered the realization that my flight date fell on a Thursday, not Wednesday like we’d been thinking all along, and I actually had a whole ‘nother day before I had to leave. /facepalm

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    Thumbs up on getting creative with sweet free desserts. I tried to do the same with some sweetener free carob chips, but the carob chips really tasted like for real sweets and I tossed them because I was acting like they were Hershey kisses.

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