Jillian Michaels and Scraping my Jar

I was about to go for an easy run, but remembered I am meeting up with my group tonight for an easy 4 miles. Even easy 2-a-days hurt my knee so, I did Jillian’s 6 Week Six Pack instead. I’ve been neglecting Jillian Michaels lately and need to get back on board asap! 6 week six pack

I have noticed that my abs are sore after long races. I think this is because my core is weak and I really want to commit to do the 6 week six pack 3 days a week until my next race – which is 6 1/2 weeks away! How convenient.

I’m still on level 1 and will switch to level 2 in another week.

Then, I was about to fill up my almost empty nut butter jar with yogurt for Yogurt Bowl in a Jar, but decided to scrape it clean with my spoon all on it’s lonesome Smile

IMG_0188 (683x1024)

I made a yogurt bowl with Chobani, cereals, chia seeds, pumpkin and a piece of crumbled Blarney Scone too!

IMG_0181 (1024x683)

The pumpkin is hard to see, but there’s about a 1/2 cup under there hiding!

IMG_0186 (1024x683)

Now I must get back to scraping my jar…

IMG_0190 (1024x683)www.nataliedee.com

Breakfast is always the hardest meal for me to decide what to make since it’s my favorite. I probably spent 10 minutes going back and forth between eggs and yogurt. I’m embarrassed about that.

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  1. Tiffany says

    I’ve never even had a Bloody Mary, how sad is that? I do like Mimosas for b-fast on occasion, though. It’s been too long since I had one. I save most of my cocktail consumption for dinnertime. 😉
    I get in to terrible food ruts, and b-fast is the worst. I do enjoy mixing a variety of cold cereals together, though, so at least it’s a little more creative.

    • says

      Truthfully, I’ve never had a bloody mary either because I’m scared of tomato juice. But my brother loves them so I’m curious!

      (Again, my 23 year old brother, not the 10 year old!) Ha.

  2. says

    I did Jillian Michaels’ “No Trouble Zones” last night – she kicks your butt! The ab circuits are pretty intense on the one I did, but I’ll have to try this one as well.

  3. says

    I had both oatmeal and yogurt…in overnight oats. That has been my go to breakfast lately because it really does fill me up and fuel me properly for exercise.

  4. says

    How are you liking the GM core workout video? I’ve got her 30 day shred and it’s pretty brutal, but dependable and effective. Was thinking about ordering some Tracy Anderson videos too, but they are so expensive and the gym is only a block from my house. Ack!

  5. says

    I’m in Dallas on vacation and picked up a cinnamon raisin bagel and some of Justin’s Nut Butter at WF with a side of pineapple and grapes…so delicious! My attempt at being healthy before the real ‘vacation food’ (and drink) comes later in the day…no argument here though 😉 I hope you’re having a fantastic day!

  6. says

    I love that there are votes for tuna sub and bloody mary! Now I’m wishing I had a bloody mary this morning :). But alas, just cereal and a banana.

  7. Kristy R. says

    Turkey and swiss sandwich on wheat. I got stuck driving around all morning and decided to eat my lunch for breakfast. It actually sustained me through the entire morning – ususally impossible. :)

  8. Katy says

    I am loving soy cherizo from Trader Joe’s right now with 2 egg whites on a whole wheat wrap. (some days I add some laughing cow chipotle flovor) and hot sauce!Its by far the best! or whole wheat waffles with Nutella on them. I think lunch is my fav though because its not so early and I still have time to burn off the food if I decide to go with a not so healthy lunch :)

    • says

      I think my chia seeds magically multiply because I use them all the time, but don’t remember the last time I bought them!

      I’ve seen them for about $8.00 a bag though.

  9. says

    My breakfast today? Geez. I had some hot chocolate and cookie and then I ran. After I got back and showered, I had some turkey pepperoni and a pear.

    If it makes it better, I had real food for lunch :)

  10. says

    I have two breakfasts- one before my run and other exercise, and one after ^_^
    Before is yogurt mixed with frozen blueberries and papaya with some cereal for texture. After it’s oat bran with apple, banana and peanut butter chopped up. Other various things get mixed into both depending on whats on hand. Never fails…so far. *knock on wood*

  11. Lauren says

    I’ve had the same bowl of oatmeal with two pieces of toast every morning for I can’t remember how long. Sometimes I think about making eggs but I feel my whole day would be thrown off :)

  12. says

    I had a cinnamon raisin English muffin with PB2, chia seeds and banana. There was more banana and PB2 than could fit on the EM so I just loaded the 2nd 1/2 of the banana with the remaining PB2 on the side….YUM!!! It was hard to give up Overnight oats for a day, but wanted to switch it up a bit! I have a nice mini yogurt bowl for my morning snack: chia, flax, 1T trail mix, a few grapes, mini choco chips 😀 I get caught in my food routines and love so many breakfast items that it is hard to eat one…I always feel like I am missing out on the other options 😉

  13. says

    im the same with breakfast!!! i want oats AND pancakes AND waffles AND toast AND…you get the idea…

    i need to try that jillian. as a devotee its an embarrassment that i still havent done it!

  14. says

    Breakfast is definitely my favorite meal too. It’s ridiculous how happy I get about my breakfast. I’m always a little sad when breakfast is over because I know all meals following will pale in comparison. Just something so great about breaking that fast in the morning!

  15. says

    sliced bread with congealed cream and honey! or maybe just buttered toast with one of those little Trader Joe’s creamy yogurt cups.
    breakfast is the only meal where its acceptable to have copious amounts of cream, so I take advantage of it :)

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