Confession Thursday: Loopholes

Confession Thursday – Loopholes!

Confession #1: It’s 3pm on St. Patrick’s Day and the only green I’m wearing so far is the same rubberband I had on since yesterday. (Read: I still haven’t showered.)

IMG_0298 (1024x768)

Confession #2: I got this new environmentally friendly cat litter so I could be all “green” and earth friendly and what not. Now my house smells like shit caca. Sorry Earth, this isn’t going to fly.IMG_0205 (768x1024)

Confession #3: It really does take a lot of self control for me to not eat all the whole can of chickpeas in one serving. Not that they is anything wrong with that if I did, right? IMG_0210 (1024x768)

And what’s up with my real cheese melting like it’s fake?

IMG_0212 (1024x768)

Confession #4: I am trying to cut back on diet soda. Luckily Sonic has Ocean Water and other beverages that are not technically soda to me. Loophole!IMG_0217 (768x1024)

Confession #5: I meant to make a healthy Shamrock Shake for an afternoon snack, but ended up eating my “topping” (cereal) for it mindlessly. IMG_0200

So this led me to digging a Barney Butter packet from the expo out of the cupboard…IMG_0219 (1024x768)

and slathering it on a cinnamon raisin bagel thin. Inappropriate noises of excited eating ensued.

IMG_0221 (1024x768)

Confession #6: I gave up candy (and cookies and cakes) for Lent, but this is a calcium supplement. It’s a dark chocolate calcium supplement that I had more than 1 serving of, but a supplement none-the-less. Loophole #2 for those keeping trackIMG_0280

Confession #7: The more I study for the Personal Training exam the more I feel like crap about the fact that I have bad habits that are keeping me from my ideal weight. I don’t want to be an overweight trainer. Then, I feel really bad about myself.

It’s really bad lately and I hate it.

(Didn’t expect this to take a serious turn all of a sudden, huh.)

Confession #8: I’ve been to Ireland and kissed the Blarney Stone and the whole thing, and want to share pics since it was the coolest trip. But, my ex says they’re “missing”. Lie or loophole?

Confession #9: Ben and I have a fancy date tonight (the one I thought was last week). And I have to wear green, so… No? Too much? Boo. I thought so.


Hey, did any of you get a Secret Santa for St. Patty’s day and not tell me?

Got anything to confess?


  1. says

    OMG Monica! I gave up sweets for Lent as well and have still been having my calcium supplement daily. Today someone at work had the nerve to call em out on it. I’m sorry but that is not a SWEET! :)

    You’ll be an AWESOME personal trainer!!

  2. says

    I gave up chocolate for Lent, but I have a bag of white chocolate chips in the pantry. White chocolate isn’t made with cocoa powder, so technically it’s not chocolate right? I kind of want to raid my pantry for that right now. Eek.

  3. alicia says

    i can guarantee you will not be seen as an “overweight” personal trainer. you are obviously very fit. no one would look at you on the street and even for a minute think of you as “overweight”. so dont worry about it!! you’d be a great trainer.

  4. says

    Sometimes I’m a total hypocrite. I make a point to eat a veggie burger instead of pizza, but then finish off the chips and salsa and eat processed sugary cookie sandwiches afterward.

    But it’s fine. We all do our own thing!

  5. says

    I’ve been stalking you via the blog forEVER now, so first of all I should say I love the blog and adore you.

    Secondly, you are fit and fantastic and you will make an excellent trainer, truly, you’re being far too hard on yourself.

  6. Lindsay @ Brownies For Brunch says

    I must know what Sonic’s “ocean water” is! Please tell!
    It sounds like a loophole I could appreciate :-)

    And i’d pay big (and I mean huge) bucks for you to be my personal trainer. You are the coolest!

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