Soy Chorizo Sunday

This morning I was startled awake by Vegas falling off the bed. Hard. That’s really weird for him and we all just kinda sat there for 10 minutes before getting up. He seems to be acting sick, but finally ate and drank a while ago so I’m just keeping an eye on him. Send good thoughts please <3

The grand plan was to do a long run so I fueled up…

IMG_0740 (800x600)

And I strapped on my new Brooks Ravenna shoes!

IMG_0742 (800x600)

I got a free pair of Brooks last night and went with their lightest stability pick. I’m currently running in the Brooks Ghost for shorter runs, but do my long runs in the lightest stability shoe I can find.

IMG_0744 (600x800)

You shouldn’t buy running shoes based on how they look. They’re way too important for form, injury prevention, etc. BUT, I like the way these look, so it’s an added bonus Smile

IMG_0745 (800x600)

But, my long run plan was foiled. First, when I went to leave my head phones weren’t working. After messing with them for a bit I just gave up and decided to run without music.

Then, as soon as I was leaving it started to lightly rain. It was just a drizzle, but a drizzle over the course of 2 hours leaves ya drenched. I cut my run to 10 miles because that was all I was willing to do without tears.

When I got home I made Soy Chorizo!

IMG_0747 (800x533)

It’s been way too long since I’ve had this breakfast. I grew up eating chorizo, but switched to soy chorizo years ago and swear it tastes exactly the same.

IMG_0750 (800x533)

I also had a Chobani with cereal, cashews and raisins. It just sounded good.

IMG_0755 (800x533)

The Rest of my Sunday:

We’re getting our taxes done tomorrow and I have a massive amount of papers to organize. Fun - I know we've barely met but I wanted to say thanks for letting me claim you as a dependent

I think my mom and Matt are coming over for dinner too. I better get it together!


  1. Jill says

    Sending good thoughts for Vegas.

    Don’t you just love that Chobani? I had one this morning. Picked the 2% by mistake instead of the fat free. It was delicious, almost decadent.

  2. says

    Best Wishes for Vegas, I have a kitten and a cat who is 14, and I am a big time cat lover. Benson and Mo send meows to him 😉 [those are my cats, named after George Benson and Mariano Rivera, clever right 😉 ]

    visit my blog

  3. says

    I love soyrizo! I am always trying to convince people that it tastes just like the regular (but way less fat!) but most of the time they don’t believe me until I make it for them. Glad your not missing out on all it’s deliciousness 😉

  4. says

    The last pair of sneakers I had (before the ones I have now) we’re so ugly. They were bright pink and I’m talking florescent pink. You could see my feet coming from a mile away. :) LoL, but a good runner never judges a shoe by it’s outward appearance. Thank goodness the ones I have now are much more visually appealing. :)

  5. Kelly says

    I run in the same exact pair. Love them! I did “just” 9 miles in them yesterday.

    I need to be on the lookout for the soy chorizo. I’m not usually one to scavenge the faux meats section since I don’t find many particularly tasty, but I’ll try anything once.

  6. Danielle C. says

    Is there any chance Vegas could have an infection from his fight wound? That happened to one of my cats years ago, he was super lethargic and wobbly on his feet.

    Also, who makes the best soy chorizo?

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