Happy Easter Then and Now

Happy Easter! Ben and I planned on going to church this morning so I did some quick ab work and a short walk before getting ready. I’m hoping to walk the dogs with my mom after lunch too wlEmoticon smile38 Happy Easter Then and Now

We went with the traditional Easter breakfast of Oat brancakes. Well, it is Pancake (Easter) Sunday!IMG 9886 800x532 thumb Happy Easter Then and Now

I roughly used my oat “brancake” recipe, but didn’t follow it exactly (never really do). I also stole a few bites of Ben’s crepes – amazing. IMG 9888 800x532 thumb Happy Easter Then and Now

Okay, now I have to retire this plate until next year wlEmoticon sadsmile15 Happy Easter Then and Now That is a chia seed not a bug on my plate. At least I hope I didn’t eat a bug…IMG 9895 800x532 thumb Happy Easter Then and Now

My mom always teases me that I was so dramatic as a kid (and still am actually). I used to put on the biggest crying bit when we had to take pictures with Santa or the Easter bunny…

SCAN0100 1 thumb Happy Easter Then and Now

Eventually I came around a bit.

SCAN0099 thumb Happy Easter Then and Now

That was then, this is now

IMG 9903 533x800 thumb Happy Easter Then and Now

Speaking of ‘then’ – last year Ben and I were in Maryland for Easter and didn’t have any family to visit so we kept it low key. Read about our first married Easter here.

We’re headed to my mom’s for “Feaster” aka “Easter feast”! IMG 9905 800x533 thumb Happy Easter Then and Now

God Bless.

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  1. says

    OMG – LOVE the dress. So cute and flattering and springy!!

    The one thing about not being especially religious?? No excuse to buy new clothes (which we did when I was younger). Hmm… think I might have to make something up….

  2. says

    i love your dress! easter @ our house was always low key ’cause i was an only child. they did take me to the town park one year to do the easter egg hunt and (of course) i was super competitive trying to find the golden egg and trying to gather the most easter eggs! somethings never change, i still knock the little kids over trying to get the good prizes! :) darwinism.

  3. says

    I’m not surprised you cried whenever you had to sit on the lap of the Easter bunny. The one you’re sitting on is creepy looking (at least the eyes are)! Haha. Happy Easter! I love that dress!! It looks so great against your fair skin (that’s a good thing!) and hair. :)

  4. Wendy says

    I love that dress! I was gonna ask where you got it but I see you already answered that. It’s adorable!

  5. Lauren H. says

    Happy Easter! you look beautiful! :) hope you enjoy a nice chocolate vitatop asap :)

    ps i would have cried sitting on that bunny too- he looks scary! lol

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