Stress Fest

Today was quite the stress-fest. First, I had a rough decision to make. Then, I headed to fill out some new hire paperwork for my new job. I am super nervous about this new chapter in my life! I don’t feel ready, but kind of just have to go for it I guess wlEmoticon smile41 Stress Fest IMG 9944 800x600 thumb Stress Fest

I had a snack before I went…IMG 9946 600x800 thumb Stress Fest

I’ve decided this new up ‘do is going to be my latest obsession. You won’t see my hair down again until Fall wlEmoticon winkingsmile25 Stress FestIMG 9949 600x800 thumb Stress Fest

The rest of the day’s eats are unpictured mostly because it was random stress eating (read: standing in front of the fridge). I just re-read “When You Eat at the Refrigerator Pull Up a Chair”, obviously I didn’t retain much. Wah wah.

fridge book thumb Stress Fest

Ice cream. Give me more ice cream. IMG 9952 800x600 thumb Stress Fest

Speaking of books – look what I got in the mail today! I’m going to start reading this asap and you should too wlEmoticon smile41 Stress Fest IMG 9953 600x800 thumb Stress Fest

I’ll see ya in the morning!


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    You are going to be awesome at this new chapter in your life. I know what you mean about not feeling ready but you’ll get there. I tell myself constantly that most people have no clue that you feel ill-prepared. It’s all in how you carry yourself. You will do great!!!!

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    I think I need to get that book- my dad always tells me to get a chair when I eat in front of the fridge :/ Actually, my whole family is always commenting on how much I eat… I don’t know if they just noticed or if I have really been a pig lately, haha!

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    Don’t be scared about this next chapter–be excited! With great risk comes great reward…and you are going to be great! My copy of CNC should be here tomorrow. I can’t wait! Good night!!!

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    Congrats on your new chapter! That book looks interesting.. I keep boredom eating and can’t seem to get full lately. Frustrating. And as a random side note, my aunt Monica’s maiden name is Olivas.

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    Congrats on becoming a certified personal trainer! I need to get Tina’s book asap. I love her blog, so I’m sure I’ll love her book.

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