Cat Dance

Happy Wednesday! I went on a 2 mile walk/run with Ben as part of his C25K program this morning. I have a dentist appointment to put a cap in my azz tooth and hope to do some other exercise after. This should be the last part of my dramatic root canal.

Breakfast – Ben was having cereal and I started to chomp on his when I realized I should just make my own bowl!IMG_0012 (800x600)

It’s a random mix topped with banana and peanut butter. I got a “free refill” and now am stuffed. Cereal is always so good and so bad because I keep going back for more.IMG_0008 (800x600)

After our run/walk I cooled down with some cat dancing. This is where I dance around with Vegas while he plans how he will one day kill me in my sleep. IMG_0014 (800x600)

I’ve always given him hugs, so he’s used to it and tolerates my love Smile IMG_0016 (800x600)

Do you remember Elmira from the Looney Toons? elmira with cats(source)

She was always trying to catch animals to ‘love and hug and squeeze’. I used to get teased that I was her since I have red hair and the tendency to aggressively love my pets.PUPPY

Guilty as charged SmileGOLDEN RETRIEVER

Question: What cartoon character are you most like?


  1. says

    I can’t quite pick one. I’ll go with Lisa Simpson. I may not be a blonde…or yellow…but I’m too smart for my own good and a vegetarian 😉

  2. says

    Monica, you crack me up. I dance around with my cats too. Hopefully, they aren’t planning to kill me in my sleep….

    By the way, you are so inspiring with the exercise. I honestly don’t know how you do it. I’m trying to trick myself into doing the Shred tonight, but we’ll see if that happens…

  3. Amy says

    I’m doing C25K too! I’m only on week 2 but I can feel my endurance increasing already! Congrats to Ben! =) What week is he on?

  4. says

    OMG I so remember Tiney Toones! Did you watch Animaniacs? I would SOOO be Dot! I always say my cat and dog are Pinkey(cat) and the Brain(dog). I make buy cereals and mix them too, I call it “Cereal Surprise” and fill til the milk is gone, I’m not sorry about it either;)

  5. says

    Love the pictures! haha my cat has that same expression when I pick her up to love on her… sometimes I worry that she really is plotting against me she has already started eating clothes…

  6. says

    OMG too funny!! My husband always calls me elmira.. I may have a slight issue with over-loving our pets. I even mush my dog too much. Didn’t even know it was possible to over-mush a dog. Turns out- it is. :)

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