The Smallest Mexican


Hello and happy Monday! I started my day with a 7 mile run. Goal: Next time I do this route I’m going to do it under an hour! I used the last of my Pineapple Cottage Cheese as the base of breakfast.Oddly, it says there are 4 servings in this container. My math must be off because this is only #2 for me I filled it up with cereal, chia seeds, soy milk and PB. So good. … [Read more...]

Happy Feaster!


This afternoon Ben and I headed to my mom’s for Easter Feaster. This is me and my little mom   I was in charge of the beans. Well, my mom cooked them, but I “re-fried” them. Our Easter Feaster was shish-kabobs, rice, beans, tortillas, macaroni salad and salad with strawberries, almonds and feta. I made the salad and think it was pretty good And I totally ate 68 servings … [Read more...]

Happy Easter Then and Now


Happy Easter! Ben and I planned on going to church this morning so I did some quick ab work and a short walk before getting ready. I’m hoping to walk the dogs with my mom after lunch too We went with the traditional Easter breakfast of Oat brancakes. Well, it is Pancake (Easter) Sunday! I roughly used my oat “brancake” recipe, but didn’t follow it exactly (never really do). … [Read more...]

Veggie Burger Fajitas


I often get asked how much money I spend on groceries. Sadly, it’s more than I should and I don’t even want to say. But, I also dominate “Manager’s Specials”! Yesterday I got 3 different packages of veggies super cheap. For lunch I cooked up the fajita mix in a pan with Lawry’s until soft. Then, added a sliced up veggie burger for the “meat”. Served up with a tortilla and … [Read more...]

Saturday Breakfast Sandwich


Hello! I headed to the beach for my group’s run this morning. I wasn’t hungry, but did bring along a jug of iced coffee. Doesn’t everyone love big jugs? It’s a drive to the beach we run at, but totally worth it. The beach is gorgeous and the weather was perfect - Cool and crisp   The group does runs based on time with 4:1 run/walk intervals. Today’s session was 55 … [Read more...]

Keeping Sweets In The House


This afternoon I headed to my mom’s to visit and have my brother look at my “Check Engine” light. P.S. Can someone please say a few prayers for me – everything seems to be breaking around here? As soon as I got there my mom left to do some shopping on the Easter Bunny’s behalf . Matt was on the computer and I was in the kitchen by myself. I guess all my recent stress caught … [Read more...]

How To Make an Easter Bunny Cake


Even though I got a late start and the heat was shining down on me, I had a good run! I drove to my favorite old route and did 10 miles. The only minor setback was that I dropped my water bottle during a bathroom pit stop and the top broke. Luckily, I was running a loop and dropped it off at my car on the way around. Running without water meant I stopped immediately at 10 … [Read more...]

Fitbloggin Friday–Breakfast!


Morning Is everyone else happy it’s Friday?! Since I was out of town Monday and Tuesday I have a lot of blog/writing stuff to do before the weekend (sorry if I neglected your emails – I’m on it!). But, before getting to work I have to get in a 10 miler! Since I am now coaching a recreational running group (that does not really contribute to my  personal training) I need … [Read more...]

Recycle Your Running Shoes


Earth Day is April 22nd! Are you going to hug a tree? If you are afraid of getting bitten by a squirrel, forget the tree embrace and Recycle Your Running Shoes! Most athletic shoes can be recycled – not just donated. If you run (or walk) your shoes into the ground they won’t do the Good Will any good, but you can recycle them at a local running store. … [Read more...]

The Pink Bathroom Sink


When Ben and I bought our teeny tiny condo we were on crack in a rush. It was right before our wedding and we were also planning our cross country move. Crazy times. We hunted around some and ended up being sold on a Pink condo. No, the outside wasn’t pink, but EVERYTHING else was. I am not lying when I say that every inch of the place was painted some shade of Pepto Bismo. We … [Read more...]

Confession Thursday–1am Pizza


I was going to skip Confession Thursday this week because I didn’t really have anything to confess. Well, I didn’t until Ben woke me up last night to “talk” … Confession #1. We stayed up late talking and ended up eating frozen pizza at 1am. Sometimes talking requires fuel But, I’m totally mad at him for causing me to break my no night time eating challenge. Boo. Confession … [Read more...]

Christmas Tea in April


Early afternoon my belly was calling for a big snack. I decided to go the smoothie route because I could add more and more cereal until I felt like an umpa-loompa. Do they totally creep anyone else out? I don’t know if I’ve seen the original Willy Wonka, but I will have nightmares from this pic alone. Snack bonus: I used my new Minnie Mouse bowl! I guess today is Disney … [Read more...]

Broccoli Slaw and Bikinis


I was on a mission to make Broccoli Slaw Stir-fry for lunch today. I made a special trip to TJ’s to get the slaw and mushrooms from TJ’s mid-morning. It’s so easy! I just cook up everything, season with PB sauce and then add eggs for protein and happiness. Topped with extra cashews, my fave nut! I also got this watermelon from TJ’s. Notice: save your money, it’s not … [Read more...]

New Disneyland Half Marathon


I got an email from runDisney announcing their new race yesterday. They’ve  been leaving clues on their Facebook page to get people to guess what it was. The clues were impossible, but I just knew it was another DisneyLAND race because there is only 1 right now and it sells out super fast. Yep, I was right! Disney announced the first Tinkerbell Half Marathon to be held … [Read more...]

Leaving Las Vegas


Speaking of Leaving Las Vegas – have you seen that movie? Ben and I caught it recently. Talk about downer. We reluctantly  left Las Vegas this morning. I snuck out of bed a bit early to crank out 3 miles on the treadmill. My ankle has been super super tight lately. Thoughts?? We stayed at the Luxor because it’s the cheapest place on the strip that’s not in BFE. … [Read more...]

Zeffirino Italian in Las Vegas


Last night we ate at Zeffirino in the Venetian. It’s located in the Grand Canal shops INSIDE the casino, so the ceiling always makes it look like it’s day time. This picture was taken inside at 7:30pm. Isn’t that fun? Well, fun and confusing when you go outside We had dinner companions so we waited in the bar while listening to the pianist. Our dinner friends were … [Read more...]