Since I’m Going to Die Anyways…

Have you guys heard the world is going to end May 21st? Yeah. Since that’s next weekend I’ve decided to just say “F it” and eat poison HFCS. image

When I spotted this at the store I considered talking myself out of it, but I couldn’t. Oh well. We all gotta go sometime next weekend.IMG_0843 (800x533)

And since we’re all gonna be bunking up in Heaven soon – I should warn you that I eat a lot of beans. IMG_0824 (800x533)

IMG_0827 (800x533)

Paired up with a grilled cheese for lunch. Did I mention I might be lactose intolerant? I already feel sorry for whoever is bunking underneath me. They have bunk beds in Heaven, right?IMG_0833 (800x533)

Note: I often don’t post my snacks or random eats because I don’t take pictures of them. It’s not on purpose, but because I attack the kitchen like a crazy person. Anyways, today it was a big bowl of yogurt with pumpkin and oatmeal. I’m just throwing that out there because I want you to know I don’t post all my eats.

Dinner was pictured though – chik’n sandwich, chip mix and roasted broccoli. All served with tons of ketchup, spicy yogurt sauce and buffalo sauce. I like condiments. IMG_0839 (800x533)

I have really fell off the healthy eating wagon the last few days. I’ve been snacking away the afternoon, eating ice cream like it’s calorie free (we’re not in Heaven yet Monica!) and grabbing handfuls of cereal “just because”. i-didn-t-just-fall-off-the-wagon-it-came-back-and-ran-me-over_design(source)

I really need a fresh start so I’m putting together a plan to get back on the healthy wagon tomorrow. See ya then!


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      I’m with you, Heather. I am a Condiment Queen and mustard is one of my faves! I currently have 5 different kinds of mustard in my fridge. 😀

  1. says

    Um, do you eat those red peppers just raw? That’s pretty impressive!

    If the world is going to end, I think I might need some cheesecake…

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    I totally did the SAME thing tonight! Just couldn’t stop eating…and it wasn’t because my stomach was growling…just BOREDOM EATING! :( But it’s ok to indulge every now and then! Tomorrow is a NEW DAY!!! :)

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    How’d you like that yogurt? I bought it the other day and was not impressed. It didn’t have enough chocolate for my liking. It was more like a cherry rolled through some cocoa powder.
    Warning: I’m a night farter. My room smells horrible every morning! I woke myself up once from farting. Would have been funnier had the guy I was seeing not been awake lying next to me!

  4. Floey says

    Are those “chicken” patties good? I’m always wary to buy a whole pack in case I might not like em…

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    I feel you girl. I have been trying to get back on the healthy bandwacgon for a couple weeks now. I keep strategizing my healthy plan, but then mid week I blow it by eating something bad, and not stopping, eeek! AT lease I can say I am still going to the gym, hopefully that balances it out. Good luck!

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    Hey it happens to us all! Today is a new day! I have 1 1/2 weeks left of the end od school craziness andmy time to re-focus will be here(which I really need)! Really LOVING the look of your blog!

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    i need to join you on that healthy wagon…ive been eating like crapola lately! but i guess since the world is ending who cares?

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    I tried on shorts and a bathing suit this morning. That was enough to get me back on the healthy train. Bah. The world better not end on the 21st. I want to be skinnier before I go.

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    We all get run over the wagon – it happens to me more than I’m on the wagon.

    There is a big billboard by my office with the Judgement Day on it – cracks me up.

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    My husband and I were discussing the world ending on May 21st and were a little dismayed that we didn’t plan our race schedule better. We clearly should have planned a race for the weekend we just finished rather than the weekend of May 29th. All this work we’ve put in and it will be all for nothing! 😉

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