Bar Wars

Other titles for this post: The day Monica ate 4 granola bars in 10 minutes.IMG_0875 (800x533) (800x533)

In preparation for my new busy life I recently bought a ton of granola bars for snacks on the go. Only, I don’t eat them on the go. I eat them randomly between meals when I’m bored. But I digress…IMG_0895 (533x800) (533x800)

I’ve always been a big granola bar fan and thought I’d let ya know which ones rock.

1. The Luna Bar Chocolate Chunk looks the most delicious. Hence the reason some of these pictures show it half eaten. But, it’s not a chocolate chip cookie replacement. Even if you eat 2 of them. Nope. You’ll still want a cookie. Trust me, I know all too well.Luna bar chocolate chunk

Luna Bar Chocolate Chunk nutrition info:Luna Bar Chocolate Chunk nutrition info

IMG_0878 (800x533) (800x533)

2. I like the Atkins bar because it’s packed full of protein and coated in chocolate. I’d pretty much eat anything coated in chocolate. IMG_0897 (800x533) (800x533)

Yes, anything.

Atkins bar nutrition information:Atkins bar nutrition information

3. The South Beach bars rock because they also have a good amount of protein, but less scary ingredients than the Atkins and Fiber bars. IMG_0898 (800x533) (800x533)

Nutrition information for South Beach snack bar:Nutrition information for South Beach snack bar

4. This bar should really be #2 for obvious reasons. Ha. Actually, no amount of beans or fiberone bars give me any issues. I’ve been eating high fiber for over 7 years now. It’s just part of the drill.

Random: I like to freeze the fiber bars to make them last longer.

Fiber Plus bar nutrition information: Fiber Plus bar nutrition information

My preference really depends on what I’m craving. IMG_0876 (800x533) (800x533)

And sometimes I’m craving 4 different bars at once… Oops.


  1. says

    I used to LOVE those south beach bars, I haven’t had any inawhile though! I do like the protein… and I think they at least used to sell them at costco which always helps 😉 Never thought of freezing the fiber bars though! but I have frozen larabars which was pretty good and I did freeze a Clif Builder bar once which was also delicious. Dunno why frozen stuff is so good, but hey 😉


  2. says

    I could live on bars! (Actually, I think I have before…) My favorite out of the ones you reviewed has got to be the South Beach. I know they are not natural at all, but the peanut butter flavor is candy sweet, and I like that, for what it’s worth. Atkins bars are okay but have a weird taste to them, in my opinion. My favorite Luna bars are Iced Oatmeal Raisin and Cookies ‘N Cream, and I’ve never tried the Fiber Plus bars. Maybe I’ll have to…

  3. says

    I’ve tried all the bars out there and most are VILE. I despise most protein bars. Luna Bars are my absolute favorite. They are like candy. 😀

    I love the various Fiber Bars too. I often eat those as dessert. :)

  4. says

    I have a serious problem with bars and I need to stop eating so many! I LOVE clif zbars and can eat 10 a day :-/ yum yum yum

  5. says

    Any “Fiber” products make my stomach churn (literally). I once had 2 for a snack (we are alike!), and my entire guts were cleaned out. =/ I haven’t had any of those other bars in years, except for Luna.

  6. says

    Never thought of freezing them- good idea.

    I think, from so many years of only eating “100” calories granola bars, I still have a little trouble with the calories/fat/sugar in protein bars. I have to remind myself that they’re not usually a “snacky” food and that protein is good!

  7. Ida says

    I love the kashi bars, and think think pb bars. I hate the think thin name, but love that the bars are sugar free and high in protein. And luna bars are a classic!

  8. says

    i’ve been there, lady! granola bars, and granola alone for that matter, are essentially like crack, haha. i try to treat them like candy bars – not legit food. i say, “try” but that rarely works, obvi.

    • says

      i second that with the balance bar lemon meringue! i’ve tried their “cafe” style bars – biscotti and cinnamon bun but i wasn’t as impressed!

  9. Maryann (The Balanced Bean) says

    Wow I guess Im really tired because when I first saw your post title, I thought it read “Bruno Mars”. lol

  10. says

    yum! i love all those bars! ive never had the atkins bar though..looks good! ive had their shakes and they’re pretty good. ill have to try the bars.

  11. says

    i am eating a southbeath protein dark chocolate cherry as i read this! i like the flavor of the new luna coconut but it doesn’t satisfy my hunger. i, like you, love me some bar food (and i don’t mean peanuts & pretzels) so i’ve spent a fair amount of time analyzing them, too! … time and money … damn. it’s in the interest of science! :)

  12. s says

    oh dear. i could eat those all in a row.
    i once ate a box of 6 special k cereal bars in one sitting. actually, i was walking. that might be worse.

    i shouldn’t be proud of that, but … i am. haha.

  13. says

    thanks for the review! I actually try not to buy bars because then I just eat them too much! they are quite expensive and the cals can add up. I like apples or bananas instead. Well, I don’t like them better, but you get it

  14. says

    I love Luna Bars! I always buy so many granola bars or snag them at races and never eat them. They pile up in my cabinet and the husband tells me I need to start processing them through my body :)

  15. says

    Hey! First time poster here – you should check out Think Thin bars. They have a few more calories, but totally macronutrient balance and YUMMY.

  16. says

    I am not a big fan of bars… the Luna is the only kind that I can actually ingest. Everything else is too cardboardy for my taste. I’m imagining young RER eating only a South Beach bar, and that makes me sad! I prefer granola.

  17. N says

    Have you tried the ThinkThin bars? You can buy them at Whole Foods. There’s 0g of sugar and 20g of protein. Ohhh my godddd I die!

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