Three Things Thursday–Excuses

It’s Three Things Thursday. Here are three excuses I have…

1. I drank a massive smoothie on the way to work. Note the sopping wet hair and lack of make-up. My excuse: I was on Mexican time running late (when in reality this is a daily look/occurrence).DSCN0080 (800x600)

2. Lunch involved MASSIVE amounts of Cheetos croutons and dark chocolate melted on sunflower butter bread.DSCN0081 (800x600)

My excuse: Life without Cheetos and chocolate is for people who hate themselves. I mean, stress.DSCN0086 (800x600)

3. I drank a Vitaminwater while out running errands. Notice that I still haven’t brushed my hair or put on make-up. Nothing a little rubberband and sunglasses can’t hide fix, right?

My excuse: It’s hard to do your make-up or brush your hair when your fingers are covered in powdery Cheetos deliciousness and melted chocolate. DSCN0088 (800x600)

Don’t Forget!!! Tomorrow at 3pm EST/12pm PST (for my CA peeps) – It’s the #OBandFitblog Flashmob

If you want to play:

  • Share an Operation Beautiful inspired quote on twitter or FB with the hashtag #OBandFitblog
  • You can create your own quote or get inspired by some of our ideas:

“You are stronger than you think” #OBandFitblog
“Treat your body like it’s amazing!” #OBandFitblog
“Live a beautiful,healthy life!” #OBandFitblog


  1. says

    I am with Emma… I don’t believe in brushing my hair or wearing makeup either. When I actually do either of these things everyone compliments me though so maybe I should make it more of a practice?

  2. says

    Brushing hair and putting on makeup just wastes valuable blogging time – I mean unless you are going to a wedding or meeting the president or something what’s the point? I wish I could do the flashmob thing but every site is blocked from work (except yours, oddly/luckily) and I have one of those old fashioned cell phones that exists only to make calls, Zack Morris style….

  3. says

    Sometimes getting ready gets pushed aside for more sleep! or working out. Two things I would much rather do then make the time to brush my hair and put on makeup. I’m sure my coworkers really appreciate that. haha

  4. Christin says

    “Life without Cheetos and chocolate is for people who hate themselves.” That’s the best thing i’ve heard all week. LOVE it! Have fun in Baltimore! :)

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