Fitbloggin Friday but for real

Hello from Fitbloggin! After a long night of traveling I arrived in Baltimore, MD. First on the agenda was taking the shuttle to the hotel. We ran into Tina right away and carpooled carvanned. monica and tina to fitbloggin

Then, we checked into our room. The hotel didn’t have a king bed room ready so we opted for the quicker choice – 2 fulls.marriot roomBut the view totally makes up for that Smile marriot viewDSCN0159 (800x600)

My office for the next 24 hours…marriot office

I planned on taking a nap, but got an adrenaline rush and decided to just go down and jump into the conference fun. fitbloggin '11 sign

IMG_0933 (800x533)I registered and checked out the agenda…fitbloggin agenda

I saw my name and suddenly remembered that I’m supposed to present tomorrow. I should really get on that…health and fitness blogging 101


One of the perks of attending a health and fitness focused conference is delicious and healthy food!IMG_0928 (800x533)

This sandwich is a veggie number with cheese. The other was a chicken, served with salad.IMG_0931 (800x533)

My lunchside partner – Tina. I’m kinda like gum on her shoe today.IMG_0939 (800x533)

Unfortunately, Sana opted to sit outside by herself. I think she’s still coming to terms with the fact that Evan ditched us on this conference Sad smile We’ll always have Chicago little friends…


IMG_0947 (800x533)

After lunch and a session Tina and snuck out to get a cupcake at the Whole Foods around the corner. We also took a fun picture in the expo area!IMG_0948 (800x533)

Maybe those cupcakes were spiked with rum by the look of our outfits? image

Okay, now I’m gonna head to a few more sessions…IMG_0951 (800x533)

And by more session, I mean more food…IMG_0953 (800x533)

Okay, now I seriously should consider having a drink to stop stressing about my presentation. Hopefully, one of my fellow fitbloggers brought a flask. Tweet me.


  1. says

    I am loving the fitbloggin tweets. PS. I was watching the live feed and I definitely saw your head. You should have waved.
    I would totally have been at fitbloggin if my life weren’t (literally) in boxes right now. Besides, today was Oprah’s Favorite Guests show; did you really expect me to miss that?

  2. susan Hernandez says

    Don’t worry Monica I know you will do a great job, just be yourself and remember to breathe.

  3. Crystal Lucas says

    You will do great!!!!! Enjoy!!!!!! And keep updating us! of the food of course! Lol and the conference!!

  4. says

    Looks like SO SO SO much fun! I love that three of my google reader posts in a row were all from your fitbloggin’ gals! haha the food there looks like it was awesome, glad you’re enjoying yourself!

  5. says

    I saw you today like 5 time and wanted to introduce myself…but when I turned back around you were’ll catch you tomorrow:)

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