Mexican Stir-Fry Recipe

I am completely obsessed with broccoli slaw stir-frys for lunch. But, today I changed it up and seasoned it Mexican style.

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The main event was Soy Chorizo. I can often find Soy Chorizo (the legit brand too) at the 99 cent store. I’m not fancy, remember?

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I cooked the broccoli slaw, onions, mushrooms per usual – then added the chorizo. Finally, I added eggs and seasoned to taste.

Served with beans and a tortilla. This is one of my salad buckets, so it’s hard to tell but it’s a lot of food!

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I do not consider myself a “Type A” person, but have always thought of myself as “high strung”. I worry about everything. Everything. Recently I have been trying to be better about saying, “I am worried about xyz” or “This makes me sad”. I’m sure the checkout lady at the grocery store is creeped out by it, but I have also been trying to express myself to my friends and fam like this.

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I’m hoping it helps me be less of a bitch identify how I feel or what I’m worried about instead of distracting myself with food.

Question: What’s worrying you today?

I would list out all my worries, but I’m sure you have places to go, people to see…

If you’re worried about something watch this video – a kitten is having a bad dream and the mommy does something about it…You’ll die of cuteness.


  1. says

    First, I LOVE broccoli slaw.

    Second, I worry about everything. EVERYTHING. I always have. I realize worrying does me no good, but I can’t help it. I can honestly feel your pain.

    There isn’t enough time in the day to list everything I worry about, but mostly I worry about my husband, who is leaving for deployment #3 next week and my daughter’s neighborhood friendships, especially since school is coming to a close and I’ll have to entertain the whole neighborhood all summer. Nine and ten year old girls can be a wee bit hard to handle sometimes. :)

  2. says

    I DID just die of cuteness! That might even be as cute as otters holding hands while they are sleeping…might be!

    I worry about a lot of things on a daily basis and I’m fairly certain this might be a womanly trait since guys don’t seem to worry about anything – except maybe what their next meal is :)

  3. says

    That video is the best! It made my day!

    I worry about a lot of stuff. The smaller the issue, the more I worry. Now that I’ve started marathon training I worry about every pain my my body. Obsessively. I’m hoping it gets better!

  4. says

    oh my lordy lordy, this looks divine!! I’m all for stirfrys with brocc, and using slaw with the soy chorizo and mexican flave sounds fantastic! ps-love the idea to work on worrying less! I could probably use that because the last few weeks at school have been TOUGH to say the least. Thanks for the recipe idea though:)

  5. says

    Hi Monica! I love your blog! You always make me laugh :) I like how honest you are, too. I am a big worrier myself — I think I get it from my momma 😉 no matter how much I worry though, everything always turns out in the end! Take care : )

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