Good Snacks

Today’s snacks were decadent, but still in line with my goals. I’m really struggling to get the snack part of my life in order. I had a Vitatop with Sunflower Butter around 2:30pm.IMG_4552 (800x600)

And a big green smoothie with cereal around 4. This is my favorite and it kept me full through cooking dinner.cereal on a smoothie

I trained a client quick style around 5:30pm then came home to make dinner. I had to use up brown rice and broccoli before we leave, so I made an eggy-rice stir fry.IMG_4558 (800x533)

Now I’m moaning loudly while eating dark chocolate.IMG_4559 (800x533)

My day tomorrow is CRAZY. I have a split shift at work and a Red Eye to catch at night! I should pack tonight, but I probably won’t – it all depends on who wins the remote war, Me or Ben Winking smile


  1. Jaren says

    Love vitatops. Went to Costco today with intentions of buying them and they were out. :( I always add 1 tablespoon of chocolate chips on top after microwaving and sprinkle with salt. I know, weird….but so delicious.

  2. says

    I have a total snacking problem. I eat 3 square meals a day…but then decide to graze when I get bored. So bad. I think I might have to try the smoothie trick. Smoothies always fill me up so it should work!

    Have fun on the trip!

    • says

      I get them at Ralphs (it’s a normal supermarket around here – not sure where you are). I used to buy them at Costco, but they stopped carrying them.

  3. says

    What do you put in your green smoothies? I love them too, but I tend to make them for desert. Always curious about other people’s favorites…


  4. says

    God I love your blog! I house snacks like it’s no one’s business, and it (usually) causes me to eat really small meals because I’m always full by meal time. Snacks are the best meals of the day 😉

  5. says

    Snacking is my downfall… especially boredom snacking! I’m probably the only person in the world who wants to work more not less just to cut down my food intake! :) It also doesn’t help that I can snack like a trooper AND still have room for 3 square meals! Ahhh what’s a girl to do!

  6. says

    i wimper politely while eating dark chocolate – like a lady. :)
    i’ve been planning out my snacks at the beginning of the day sort of like you do. it’s helped me stop the random munchies.

  7. says

    Tell me more about these muffins and the green smoothie please!!! i am really trying to find better snacks too! What are you looking to eat? I try to have a good range of snacks some of what people consider “healthy” and “nonhealthy” although I personally don’t subscribe to that philosphy – there are no good or bad foods in my book…

    • says

      The muffins are Vitatops and my green smoothie isn’t fancy – just Ice, almond milk, protein powder, spinach – topped with cereal.

      I am looking for filling snacks that don’t have a lot of calories and don’t trigger me to overeat. It’s a balance I guess.

      • says

        I have to find those muffins yum…

        Welp what triggers overeating? For me popcorn is a good filler as well as quaker squares..eggs…trail mix…peanut products of all sorts…

  8. Nicole says

    Hi Monica! Since you are a savvy-shopper, where can I find good and inexpensive Sunflower Butter? I was at the Grocery Store last night and the only type they had was $8/jar! Is that what you typically pay? If so, is it worth it??

    Have you ever tried making your own Sunflower Butter?

  9. says

    Snacks are the DEVIL. I find myself snacking more then I should. Every time I read something about how many snacks someone should have i usually eat double. Gotta get that snack thing under control, maybe I have some sort of oral fixation.

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