Good Snacks

Today’s snacks were decadent, but still in line with my goals. I’m really struggling to get the snack part of my life in order. I had a Vitatop with Sunflower Butter around 2:30pm.IMG 4552 800x600 thumb Good Snacks

And a big green smoothie with cereal around 4. This is my favorite and it kept me full through cooking dinner.IMG 4553 600x800 thumb Good Snacks

I trained a client quick style around 5:30pm then came home to make dinner. I had to use up brown rice and broccoli before we leave, so I made an eggy-rice stir fry.IMG 4558 800x533 thumb Good Snacks

Now I’m moaning loudly while eating dark chocolate.IMG 4559 800x533 thumb Good Snacks

My day tomorrow is CRAZY. I have a split shift at work and a Red Eye to catch at night! I should pack tonight, but I probably won’t – it all depends on who wins the remote war, Me or Ben wlEmoticon winkingsmile4 Good Snacks

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