What I Learned From My Best Friend


Lunch! I wanted eggs and a salad for lunch so I decided to make an egg salad, just not the “usual” kind. I made an egg patty and put it on top of a big ol’ bed of lettuce, onions and tomatoes. Lot’s of hummus, hot sauce and almonds rounded out the meal. Now I’m munching on open faced PB&J. Yes, both sides are open. I don’t do singles. It’s my best friend, Cindy’s birthday … [Read more...]

Gym Tan Nails


Hello! Sorry for the delay – I had 2 morning clients. Since I wanted to get a run in first I woke up bright and early! I haven’t ran since Saturday to give my muscles a rest, and still felt very tight today. I have a big knot in my right hamstring that almost turned into a major cramp. I stopped 2 times on the run to stretch it and prevent a Charley Horse. This has only ever … [Read more...]