Hi! Today was super fun. Ben and I went for a drive around the area to explore. We drove by a turtle crossing the road and had to stop! (Yes, I’m totally a tourist and don’t get this stuff in California.) I jumped out of the car to challenge the turtle to a race. The Tortoise and the Red Hare But, I’m so slow… she beat me The important thing is, I did my best and had fun … [Read more...]

Don’t Be Crabby, You’re At The Beach


I started today on a wild goose chase trying to find internet. By the time we got internet it was 8am and 80 degrees with 90% humidity. I scaled my run down to a 4 miler and was DRENCHED by the end. I ended up running to see the group fishing   When we got back I dug into my smoothie powder stash. I brought baggies of them separated into scoops. In ya go! Topped … [Read more...]

Too Much Food, Just Enough Fun


Ben’s sister was making veggie juice when we went over this morning so I scored a big glass of carrot/cucumber/bell pepper/celery juice! Love. Then, I canceled out all those nutrients by stealing half of Ben’s fries when we went to Wendy’s. I wasn’t really hungry, but got a side salad to keep my mouth busy. But, if not for this I would have eaten all the fries. Today we … [Read more...]