Malibu Black

I don’t know if I’m late to this party, but – Did ya know Malibu Rum makes Malibu Black now? It’s 70 proof, but still as good. Just more strong so you “can do more with less” if ya know what I mean Winking smilemalibu black

I’m Monica Olivas some random blogger and I approve enjoy this product Winking smileIMG_4823 (800x600)

Ben and I spent half the day in the pool and the other half in the ocean. I hope I don’t turn into a lobster when I rinse off!IMG_4824 (800x600)

IMG_4829 (600x800)

Ben’s dad caught dinner – fish! He might have caught the beans and rice too, but I can’t confirm that.The fish on top of my plate was caught this morning. It was delicious.IMG_4832 (800x600)

After dinner we all put on matching shirts from Ben’s dad’s art show. I’ve mentioned it before, but he is an artist that paints Florida wildlife. One of the FL art shows chose his painting to be the one on the shirts and posters this year!the fam

I think it was this oneimage

Everyday should end with milk and cookies. Don’t ya think?milk and cookies

Sunday Set Up for 6/12/2011


  • Sunday – 6 miler
  • Monday – 5 miles and abs
  • Tuesday – Strength work
  • Wednesday – Tempo run (if leg is feeling better)
  • Thursday – KB
  • Friday – Run or Strength
  • Saturday – Long Run

Eats – No eating 4-7 (I am testing something out.) That’s all. I’m building on one habit at a time this week.

Sunday Set up for last week can be viewed here. I ended up going into full “vacation mode” and don’t feel reviewing it would be helpful to me though. But I had fun and am not worried about it Smileflorida water gif

Tomorrow is our last day here Sad smile So, I’m going to enjoy the feet water while I can! See ya later.


  1. says

    Haven’t seen that Malibu yet!! Love the regular, so I’ll fo’ sho’ be checkin that out. And yeah, I agree. Milk and cookies end every day on a positive note.

  2. says

    Hi Monica!
    I think this could be my first time commenting on your site but I have actually been reading for awhile and I like what I see er I mean read. I guess it can be considered visual since it does have pictures.

    Your florida style dinner looks amazing! freshly caught fish-sign me up!
    That Malibu Black sounds good too. I like more for less and I like balance too.

    My real motto is: Love life. Practice Yoga. Eat well.

    And the the things I love are Running, Eating, Yoga, Drinking and enjoying life.

  3. Shelley says

    Hey girl the beach looks so awesome! It’s winter in Australia at the moment so i would love to switch places:) I don’t know why you are saying you want to lose weight, you are totally rocking that bikini!

  4. says

    i accidentally got that malibu a couple years ago and was very pleasantly surprised! it’s got more of a spiced flavor – like cinnamon/allspice/ sort of thing – in my opinion. it tastes great with diet coke or diet dr. pepper!
    have fun in the water!

  5. says

    How I love Florida. We were just in South Alabama for a family reunion this weekend, and had to run into Florida (for some lottery tickets :)), and I just love it there. Glad you’re having a fun vacation!!

    Also, I am totally jealous of your abs. You are looking great in that cute yellow suit!!

    Also, Malibu rum and pineapple is my favorite summer drink. Can’t wait to try the black!

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