Running For The First Time

No wonder I PR’d in the Fontana Half Marathon – it was the first time I ever RAN in a race!monica at fontana 3

Okay, maybe I’ve run in races before, but I never had the pictures to prove it. Race pictures always show me walking – like this one from the Arizona RnR Half.image

I got the race pictures from the Fontana Half today and I’m actually running! Who’d a thought I could do that?!monica at fontana

I do have to say, I was pretty happy when I got this picture from the Laguna Hills Half too – but that’s because I’m beating that 7 year old behind me. Sorry kid, I’ve got walking pictures to pose for!monica running laguna hills

In other fun (for me and me only) news, I got a massive shipment of Vitatops today! I ordered and spent my own dirty green paper for these. They don’t send me anything for free. Ever. (Insert not so subtle hint here.)box of vitamuffins

box of vitatops

I ate one before the UPS guys was back in his truck.IMG_4979 (600x800)

Then, I had an afternoon shift. Then, I had dinner.

Now I have dessert. With Granola. artic zeroThanks for stopping by Smile See ya later.

I’m doing an Ask A Monican video this week – send your questions for me to runeatrepeat at gmail or leave them in the comments!


  1. says

    That artic zero actually sounds goood…and I like the thought of eating the whole thing. But I really want to try buying frozen yogurt from a super market. I’ve only tried frozen yogurt from Yogurtland and Red Mango.

  2. Lorin says

    Wow, I didn’t know you could buy so many vita top products at once. I never get it because it is so expensive, but one day I”ll try it :] p.s. I wish nut butters were all 0 calories, but maybe we wouldn’t appreciate it as much?

  3. Ida says

    I always try to speed up when I pass a camera during a race so it looks like I’m running. Not sure why I do this since I never buy the pictures.

  4. says

    I have still never tried a Vitatop. Clearly I am missing out.

    I have a question that is probably too boring to answer on your video, but you could answer it here if you want: Do you have liability insurance to be a personal trainer? If so, where did you get it and is it expensive?

  5. says

    OK, I have to admit, I am always leery of “diet” foods. What’s Vitatops got under the hood? Can you pronounce all the ingredients? Clearly, I need to try them before I invest in a vat of them as you did, but I have to admit, I am intrigued!

    Those running pictures look badass. I know I would totally do what one of the other commenters said – I’d totally pose “great running stride” if I knew the camera was coming up!

  6. says

    I can never decide how to “pose” for race pictures. Do I just pretend I don’t see them and concentrate on looking as much like a runner as possible? Do I smile and wave? So many options…

  7. says

    Buying them online is definitely an awesome way to save money on Vitatops. I would always wait for a free shipping deal when I could eat them. I’d also buy like a three-month supply (they sent them out in one month shipments) to save money. A bit obsessed, yes I’d say! lol

  8. Pandar says

    o heck. I’ve never had a vitatop or even heard of them until I read your blog; they look SOOOOO good. I’m afraid to start eating them for sake of loving them too much. They look like just my bag. Where do you order them cheapest?? bad pandar! bad! no no really Where!?

  9. Christin says

    Haha! I read “Ask a Monican” as Last of the Mohicans and got this really weird flashback to indians and warriors and stuff…wow too much coffee for me today.
    Seriously though, what keeps you motivated to run as much as you do? (and where can I buy some?) lol I always run out of air and my lungs give up on me even though my legs aren’t tired yet…any suggestions? Maybe I just need to work up to longer runs?

  10. says

    Your box o’vitatops made me visit their website. There’s a whole vita world that I’ve been missing out on! I usually just get the chocolate ones at Target (they have that or oatmeal).

  11. says

    Your race pictures came out great!! I always look like a drowned rat in mine…I have a question- how do you order your iced coffee at Dunkin Donuts? :) They always look so good!

  12. sarah b says

    I am reading this on my blackberry and read “afternoon shift” as “afternoon shit!”I was like “it isn’t like monica to share her bodily functions on the blog…having an afternoon shift makes much more sense!

  13. Melissa says

    Have you tried topping your Vitacake with the Artic Zero? the PB Chocolate Fudge Vitatop with the PB Choco Arctic Zero is so good together! I also slice up a half of a banana and drizzle the whole thing with SF Choco Syrup~~YUM!

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