Good Eater, Bad Cook

Further proof that I am good at eating, but not good at cooking…monica with ice cream

I set a pot holder on fire today. pot holder on fire

See the smoke? I don’t even know how it happened?!you are a bad cook.

In all the distraction of the fiery pot holder I let the lid sit on a hot burner for an extended length of time as I talked on the phone to my mom until it melted. I am an a-hole.IMG_5938 (800x600)

But today’s cooking adventures weren’t a total loss, I made Ben dinners for the next 2 days and lunch! You can call me a good wife, but I prefer to call myself a girl who doesn’t want to live with someone who eats meatball subs everyday. food prepOr, a girl who is very busy this week and can’t deal with cooking every night. Either way.

And the Body Bugg is back! I haven’t been using it since I crashed my laptop on the floor in a tragic heap. But, I’m curious as to my calorie output now since my days are so random with personal training. IMG_5943 (600x800)

See ya later!


  1. says

    The more you cook the better you get. Not unlike running or other activities that raise the BP and make you sweat.
    (take that as you will. I could be talking about standardized tests…or not)

  2. says

    Have you considered trying Fitbit? It’s supposed to be a really hands-off way to track everything!

    Sorry to hear about your potholder. I had a similar problem with popcorn a few months ago. :)

  3. says

    Oh no on the kitchen mishaps!

    I wear a body bugg, too. It might just be the way you are turned to take the picture, but it looks like it’s not twisted around enough. It’s supposed to be on your triceps, not on the side of the arm. :)

  4. says

    Sad days about everything burning/melting. At least the food is cooked and ready for the week. I have always wanted a bodybug. I am interested to see how much I burn in a day.

  5. says

    Something similar happened to me last night. I set a piece of paper on fire which was hiding underneath the pan. It was totally not my fault! I swear!

  6. says

    I’ve burnt/melted pot holders and lids before too. And once, trying to exercise restraint, I put brownies in the oven (out of sight, out of mind). Too bad I forgot about them and preheated the oven to 425* with the brownies covered in plastic wrap still in there….a tragic loss of good brownies…RIP.

  7. says

    hahaha, sorry to hear about your kitchen disasters, but hey, at least you have a good story!
    I am an alright cook, but I am pretty klutzy in the kitchen as well… I have been known to burn a few potholders myself :)

  8. says

    Aand my jealousy of your Body Bugg is back as well! :)

    Before we were dating, I tried to make my husband cookies, but I had just moved and only had access to a small frying pan. So I put a few cookies in it. And forgot about them completely…until the whole apartment started smelling like smoke. Haha, yup, he definitely didn’t get any cookies that day, but I think I’ve improved since then. 😉

  9. says

    I’ve set pot holders on fire! And somehow I started a fire in the microwave once, too. It really is talent. Other people should be jealous.

  10. Christin says

    Aw! Sorry about your potholder and lid…I truly sympathize based on my own kitchen disasters! Major props for the planning ahead on meals…I need to get better about that…my husband is skinny enough as it is…I think he just eats chips and hostess cupcakes when i’m not home…bleh!

  11. Jessica says

    What an odd thing; I pop over to my favorite bog and there is my exact same potholder on the screen!! Even the burns match ~ Crazy! :)

  12. says

    THANK GOD, I forgot the name of your website (don’t ask me why because it really isn’t that hard..) but I found it again at nhershoes!

  13. says

    I should totally make up some lunches for my husband. He usually makes something, but lately he has hasn’t time or it “slips” his mind and so he just goes and buys fast food. A few days worth of meals ready to go might actually convince him to eat better.

  14. says

    Your hubby is a lucky man. My hubby would check my temp if I pre-made meals and put them in marked containers for him (although I’d also have to add large flags and flashing lights or he wouldn’t be able to find them in the fridge.)

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