Eat Before Running (and then eat again after)

This afternoon I hung out with my mom and she practically insisted we get iced coffees. I swear.IMG_6566 (600x800)

<insert watermelon and Clif Z bar here>

I was pretty munchy today and knew I needed a high volume kinda snack. This means different things on different days. Today it meant a whole bag of popcorn all for me. I leave no kernel unpopped or uneaten.IMG_6568 (800x600)

Food Find – The new Extra Dessert Delights gum in Apple Pie is not very good. But, I don’t like apple pie so don’t take my word for it. IMG_6569 (800x600)

My mom lives about 40 miles north of us so instead of face Friday evening traffic I decided to stick around for dinner. Good thing because she was going for sushi!image

Matt had a basketball game tonight and I have a long run tomorrow so we were Carb Loading!!!IMG_6571 (800x600)

Miso hungryIMG_6570 (800x600)

EdamameIMG_6572 (800x600)

My mom and I shared two rolls and stole some of Matt’s teriyaki bowlIMG_6573 (800x600)

IMG_6576 (800x600)

I get a lot of questions about how I eat the day before a long run and race. My answer is simple: Salty Carbs. I usually go with something Asian-ish that includes rice and tons of soy sauce. put-a-little-on-your-shitty-tempeh-you-might-like-it(

I wouldn’t eat sushi before a race but since I don’t actually get any raw fish it works before a long run where it would be okay if I tanked. The night before the Arizona Half Marathon I ate Thai. This is pretty much the usual.

That being said, I do what works for me. I drink a ton and sweat 10 tons, so I need a lot of sodium to balance it. You have to figure out what works for you during training. Either way load up on the carbs and give it a go!

My Garmin is still dead and I don’t have an app for it Sad smile Looks like my long run is going to be a mystery tomorrow. Wish me luck…


  1. says

    I read your post earlier about your Garmin..bummer! If you have a smart phone maybe try MapMyRun or JogTracker in the meantime, they are nothing fancy but do the trick!

  2. says

    GIRLLLLLL… I am CRAVING sushi:) DO YOU WANT TO USE MY GARMIN, I can bring it to you in the morning? My phone doesn’t work right now but you could email me!!! I would die without a garmin on a long run and do not want you to have to suffer!

  3. says

    Those Extra dessert gums aren’t very good. They look like they would be, but I was not impressed either. Good luck on your race!

  4. says

    I’m obsessed with flavored gums so although you said it wasn’t good, I’m going to have to try the apple pie flavored Extra for myself 😀

    Although I will say that I tried the Extra mint chocolate chip ice cream the other day and its WEIRD. Too similar to ice cream flavoring, if you ask me

    Happy weekend!

  5. says

    Its rough, the life without a Garmin! I hate to join the pitty party but I just haven’t taken the plunge to buy one! I know I would fall in love but I have a hard time spending that much money on it. I am cheap have I mentioned that? It’s still sad cause I have Garmin envy! Anyhoo, I can’t imagine going from having one and then not! I hope you survive!!!

  6. says

    Yummm salty carbs! Such a strange phrase, yet so obviously delicious. Do you ever find your sweat tasting excessively like salt the next day? Every time I run my sweat is incredibly salty… I have low blood pressure so I’m supposed to eat about 2x the normal amount of salt, so it may just be me. Just curious!

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    Hell ay, i want commit to paper or writing i suffer somewhat like this but didnt admit opportunity, may i repost this Eat Before Running (and then ingest again after) | Run Eat Repeat

  8. Kate says

    Just had to drop in and say you’re the cutest and I love your blog! I usually read it in Reader, but figure it never hurts to let you know you’re appreciated! That gum DOES look really unappetizing–somehow when I’m in the mood for gum, I would not be in the mood for pie and vice versa, so not a winning combo! Have a great weekend :)

  9. says

    I’m a super salty sweater if I haven’t hydrated reallllly well (like to the point where my skin hurts!), so I always load back up on the sodium when I’m done.

    I haven’t had any of the Extra dessert gums that I’ve liked – the mint chocolate one is grossssss.

  10. Heather says

    I just have to say your website is great! I’m doing the Malibu half marathon next weekend for the first time and was excited to see how it went for you. It’s nice to be prepared for the hills now :)

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