How To Eat a Bell Pepper

I had a meeting at work this afternoon and was hungry (story of my life) and I was running late (the sequel to story of my life). Since I wanted a “real lunch” as soon as I was done I decided to grab a veggie to keep my stomach quiet until then.IMG 6718 600x800 thumb How To Eat a Bell Pepper

Did you know you’re supposed to eat bell peppers like apples?!IMG 6729 600x800 thumb How To Eat a Bell PepperNo of course you didn’t, because that’s weird. Biting right into it felt gross and messy, so I ended up cutting strips. Good thing because I ate it in the car!

Post-meeting I came home to my favorite lunch these days. I don’t need variety. I just need what I love: IMG 6706 800x600 thumb How To Eat a Bell Pepper

 wlEmoticon winkingsmile2 How To Eat a Bell Pepper Exhibit B:IMG 6041 800x533 thumb How To Eat a Bell Pepper

Mr. Arnold T. Bread personally sent me an amazing care package today. As I always, I showed no restraint in grabbing it out of the UPS guys hands and ripping it open.

They have sandwich Mini’s now!!!IMG 6708 600x800 thumb How To Eat a Bell Pepper

Perfect! So, now I can have 4 open faced sunflower butter and chocolate chip melty treats! IMG 6712 600x800 thumb How To Eat a Bell PepperTomorrow is National Watermelon Day! Any suggestions on how I should celebrate?! (Besides eating an entire watermelon?!)

P.S. The next Ask a Monican is coming tonight!


  1. says

    So… they took a sandwich product which was designed to be smaller… and made it smaller? Bet the marketer who thought of that got a lot of high fives in the office that day.

  2. says

    Hahaha, funny you think eating a bell pepper like that is weird because I definitely do too but that is the way my boyfriend eats them! It’s so odd when he does that, plus he loves green peppers, which to me = death/bleach.

  3. says

    My 5 year old eats bell peppers like they are apples!! I can’t do it, I am a strips kinda girl (double entendre intentional)!!!!

    Okay yes, I totally had to look up how to spell entendre, my degree is not in English, sue me!

    I think you should A. eat watermelon (duh) B. wear watermelon scent C. wear watermelon colored clothes D. give free watermelon to all your training clients E. (The best idea) Drink watermelon flavored alcoholic beverages!!!!!

  4. Adriana says

    Cut a sandia in half, eat the inside of one, then fill it with watermelon margarita and drink iit straight from the rind.

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