Blogher Conference


Oh my gosh today has been so super awesome I don’t even know where to begin! I fueled up for the day with oatmeal at the Blogher breakfast. Then, I wandered the expo and made some friends And enjoyed some snacks The almond biscotti Balance Bar is dee-lish! After a bit of walking around it was time for the main event = an interview with Bob Harper!!! I interviewed … [Read more...]

Don’t Want to tell him I Skipped My Workout


Even though I felt like death I could sleep another 4 hours, I woke up for a quick strength session this morning. Nothing fancy, but I couldn’t tell Mr. Bob Harper (that I’m meeting in a bit!) that I skipped my workout! I also don’t want to tell him I ate Cinnamon Pita Chips at 11pm last night, but we’ll just keep that between us, okay? I used the ol’ dryer sheets in my … [Read more...]