My First Cannoli


I had a very “interesting” day at work. Not sure what to say except, at least it kept me from stressing about the Healthy Living Summit? (Yeah, I’m super nervous about my presentation on Blogger Safety. Anyone have suggestions on how public speaking?) Ben and I haven’t had dinner together yet this week so when we realized our schedules worked tonight I thought up a good “His … [Read more...]

Lunch Date with Ben


Hello! I’m in a great mood because I had a few minutes to squeeze in 3 Zumba dances between clients today They were all new-to-me songs, so I wasn’t rocking it very much, but I did my best! Before I left for work I had a handful of cashews (3x what is here). I bought the biggest container of them a few days ago and although they’re not the best nut, they’re my favorite. … [Read more...]

Tired Legs Need a Break


Morning Isn’t it weird that it’s morning to me, but all my east coast peeps are eating lunch?! Anyways, I had 5 miles on the agenda today, but my legs are super tired. I considered taking a class at the gym, but there were no good ones this morning so I took the run easy. Ever since I got IT Band Syndrome 1 1/2 years ago my left knee feels weak and irritated when I do a … [Read more...]