Confession Thursday–Stay Away from My Dressing

It’s that time again! PRAYING_thumbThis Monican is clearing her heart and confessing the following:

#1: I think Ben is stealing using my peanut dressing for his salads. This makes me 10x more mad than it should, but I’m about to cut a bltch Ben.IMG_7789 (800x533)

#2: I have had my eye on these Ritz pretzel thins for a long time and finally justified buying a small bag from the 99 cent store. I’m sad they’re not that good. In a related note: I told Ben I thought “Pretzel” was a cute nickname hoping he’d start calling me that. No dice.IMG_7791 (800x533)

#3. In response to confession #1 I ate one of the mini-donuts I bought for Ben as a treat while I’m MIA.IMG_7795 (800x533)

#4: From the sounds of twitter it seems everyone is already on their way to the Healthy Living Summit. I haven’t even finished washing my clothes to pack yet!IMG_7801 (800x533)

#5: The part of HLS I’m most looking forward to is the group run. I just want to get my presentation over with so I’m not stressed.

#6: I said something that got completely misconstrued yesterday and even though I know it wasn’t about me & I can’t fix it, it is still really bugging me. Boo.

#7: My favorite workout move of the week is lovingly called “vagina busters” by one of my clients. Yep.

klondike bar

Got anything to confess?


  1. says

    Okay that is the cutest picture ever of you looking all innocent in white!

    Confession #1 : When Travis steals my food, I steal his xbox controllers and hide them until he confesses and gets me more (tuesday it was my strawberry frozen yogurt for instance). It never takes long for him to cave…boy loves is call of duty black ops. hehehehehhe

    Confession #2: I LOVE 99c store and buy the craziest useless crap from there, like Hawaiian sandal candles and stuff lol

    Confession #3: I bribe Travis with food when I leave on trips for work so he won’t be lonely :(

    Confession #4: I have gotten in trouble on more than one occasion for packing so much crap (okay, shoes and makeup) that I had to pay the oversize bag fee on flights (oops, girl needs her supplies what can I say?)

    Confession #5: I rely 90% on cool pictures on my powerpoints to get through speeches instead of actual info…it works about 90% of the time lol

    Confession #6: I put my foot in my mouth talking to someone at least twice a day…I have to edit the majority of my emails to make them work appropriate before I can send them

    Confession #7: I HAVE to know what vagina busters is…demo in your Ask A Monican!! lol

    Have a great time at the Healthy Living Summit!

    • Stephanie says

      ITA with Christin about using more photos than text in PPT presentations. There is nothing worse than a presenter who reads the slides to an audience. Pictures make the visual point to the audience while the speaker provides details, data, and necessary information. If all else fails, picture your audience in their underwear. :-p

      Break a leg at HLS, I am sure you will rock it!!

  2. says

    OMG, when my husband eats my ‘special foods’ I always get so pissed because it means there’s not as much for me. We don’t have to share everything, right?

    Sucks about the pretzel things. Better to stick to TJs peanut butter filled pretzels instead. Those are good!

  3. says

    LOL – what is a vagina buster? Some kind of pelvic lift? Do tell!
    Regarding #1 – I have elaborate hiding places in the fridge and pantry to keep “my” foods away from my boyfriend. This week I threw a fit when I found he had eaten nearly all of my favorite honey mustard dressing. When confronted, he had the nerve to tell me that he loves it “even though it’s really NOT healthy.” To that, I said “B*tch, that is Newman’s Own dressing… it’s way better than your Kraft crap!” Ugh why can’t men just leave our food alone? Haha.

  4. Sarah @ Sarah's Modern Bites says

    Monica, I always look forward to confession Thursday! I feel like they come up so quick! The weeks have really flying by! Ever since I started my new job which is m-f 9-5 about 6 months ago I swear the weeks and months just keep flying by! This is my first time on a ‘traditional’ schedule… Kinda scary how life moves so quickly… There are not enough hours in the day!

    Super cute picture of you as a little Monican.

    My confessions?

    I ran 4 miles after work, got home around 6ish and I have been milling around in my gross running clothes since I got home… Sitting here now in nasty running clothes. I’m gross.

    I get mad at clueless pedestrians in my my path that get in my way on my runs… And people that smoke in my path too… They don’t mean it and I feel like my rage makes me a bad person!

    I hate hate hate quinoa and and I feel like this segregates me and maaaay even make me a bad person. I have guilt over not liking quinoa.

    I get Geary eyed watching ice skiing competitions. It is a weird phenomena and I do not understand it.

    Have lots of fun at HLS and safe travels! Can’t wait to hear all about it! Hopefully I’ll join y’all next year 😉

  5. says

    Confession: I secretly email my mom and tell her to send care packages that are filled with things that both myself and Dear Hubby will like, but 80% is just my taste.

    Confession: I yell, literally, at my husband if he eats too much of the healthy food.

    Confession: I’ve dug into my husband’s “bad” food after he goes to bed. Example: I hate two packs (4 pastries) of his Strawberry PopTarts, which I swore I hated and would never eat.

  6. says

    Confession- I yelled at one of my classes today because they just would not be quiet. I feel bad now because it’s the extra period class after school (the other ones are good), and I know they just hate staying late. I generally don’t yell because I find it really ineffective and I don’t really have a voice that carries. Maybe I don’t feel bad- sometimes teenagers need to be yelled at.

  7. Nicole says

    – I am really annoyed that my husband is taking so long in the shower right now because I am too lazy to let the dog out.

    – I, too do not allow anyone to eat the peanut dressing … or the almond butter, bagel thins, almond milk, kashi, or anything thats not generic

  8. Mare S. says

    Safe travels to Philadelphia, Monica! It’s where I live, so if you wanted to do a run longer than that 5k I can provide you with some running routes. A lot of people run along the river, which isn’t too far a jog from that host hotel.

      • Mare S. says

        I’m not- I love reading your blog, but I’m not a blogger myself. Hope you had a good run this morning- I did 10 miles this morning for a half-marathon that I’m training for. Enjoy Philadelphia and HLS!

  9. dynamics says

    My mom uses tupperware to store leftovers. One of the containers is labeled liver. I hate liver. I literally hate it. It make me sick!! But it seemed strange that she ate so much liver but I never saw her cook it. One day I plugged my nose and opened up the container… Yep, NOT liver… LEMON BARS!!!

  10. says

    Ironically, my momma and I were saying the same thing about #7- we did a kettlebell and bosu ball workout Wednesday night and couldn’t move Thursday, gah! Feel the burn baby…

  11. says

    I have to confess that I will hide my food from my husband if it is something I truly don’t want him to eat. To be fair my “hiding” consists of simply placing it behind something else in fridge, because Lord knows if he wants something he isn’t going to dig around for it! lol

    • Katie P says

      Oh my gosh, my boyfriend is the same way! The easiest way to hide food from him is put in in a drawer in the fridge. If it’s not right at his eye-line in the front of the fridge it’s like it doesn’t exist!

  12. Katie P says

    My boyfriend will always eat all the good leftovers. Like when we go out to pizza and I eat 2 slices and he eats 4. THEN he eats the leftovers the next day. And somehow we still split the bill 50/ 50. I am definitely getting the short end of that stick!
    Have fun at HLS, I am jeleous of all the fun you’ll have hangin’ with all the cool kids 😉 I went to College in Philly and am ready to a trip back to my old stompin’ grounds.

    • says

      You’ve got to put the pizza on your plate like you were going to eat it. Then, realize you’re too full and wrap it up. So, it’s kinda more yours since you claimed it. I’m shameless.

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