Apologies To My HLS Roommate

Hello from Philadelphia! I’m at the Healthy Living Summit and wanted to take this time to apologize to Katy my roommate for the following…

Sorry, I will be super late to the first events because I’ll be coming in from California. IMG_7768 (800x600)You know, after a very important layover in Dallas. Important because of the DD iced coffee of course!IMG_7761 (800x600)

 IMG_7763 (600x800)

The Dallas airport was great! It almost didn’t feel like an airport – almost like a mall?IMG_7765 (600x800)

IMG_7767 (600x800)

Sorry, I ate a very high fiber wrap on the plane ride over. Toot toot.IMG_7771 (800x600)

And a PB&J for a treat! (Because I didn’t have any “real” junk.)IMG_7774 (800x600)

Sorry I will try to get you wasted off of chia seed punch cocktails….IMG_7818 (533x800)

I think it worked too!IMG_7816 (800x533)

IMG_7819 (800x533)

Sorry I ruined the first photo booth picture because I don’t know how these things work.IMG_7821 (533x800)

Sorry I tried to get you to try the empanada at the buffet because I didn’t want to test it out…IMG_7826 (800x533)

IMG_7827 (800x533)

Though, I’m really glad you didn’t agree to be my guinea pig as it was full of meat and you’re a vegetarian.IMG_7829 (800x533)

IMG_7834 (800x533) IMG_7842 (800x533)

Sorry it takes us 56 tries to get a good picture. I blame it on all those chia cocktails Winking smileIMG_7849 (533x800)

IMG_7852 (800x533)

Sorry I will drag you to eat with me at 11pm because I’m HUNGRY and can’t do apps as dinner.IMG_7854 (800x533)

Sorry I didn’t offer you any of the AMAZING rolls and cinnamon butter. The waiter said it tasted like French Toast. Yep it does.IMG_7863 (800x533)

Sorry  I will sneak one of the rolls out in my purse for a pre-run snack.IMG_7869 (800x600)

Sorry after keeping you up talking about blogs, blogging and life all night my alarm will go off at 4:30am.

Yep, woke up a few hours later for a run. You can see last year’s HLS long run here.IMG_7864 (800x600)

I ran 14 miles not the 16 I planned. But, I’m okay with it.

Sorry I came back to the room and blogged instead of showering.

But thanks for rooming!


  1. says

    I’m sorry that when you arrived I was not fully dressed and ran to hug you anyway.

    I’m sorry that I accidentally (yeah, accidentally) touched your butt while taking those 67+ pictures.

    I’m sorry that I got busted picking said chia drink out of my teeth in the photo booth picture. It’s a good thing Meghann carried us on that one.

    I’m sorry that when you talked about how excited you were to get 4 /12 hours of sleep, I decided to start talking about things like ad rates and analytics.

    I’m sorry that because I had a cappuccino shooter while you had a salad, I was wired and tossed and turned all night.

    But really, I’m not sorry. Because it has been AMAZING being your roommate.

  2. says

    I can’t believe you guys are in Philly and I couldn’t make it.. I still have to work! Have a great time! Were you in Reading Terminal?!?! I love it there!!

  3. Sara says

    Monica! You look stunning in those pictures! You are like…glowing! Have fun in Philly- it’s a great city. I’ll be moving there in 2 days to start at Temple University-so nervous!

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