Big Fat Liar

I had to go to the DMV for a new license today. Luckily, I made an appointment so it wasn’t too painful. Unluckily, I didn’t realize I was going to be asked, “How much do you weigh now?”

Um, I guess it is obvious I lied was optimistic that last time? Busted! IMG_8095 (600x800)I upped it a bit closer to the true number, but let’s just say my optimism isn’t completely dead Winking smile

I came home for a big lunch salad.  In the bowl: greens, cucs, green onion, chopped turkey burger, peanut dressing, cashews and peanuts. IMG_8096 (800x533)

I better keep an eye on that container of cashews – they’re disappearing fast!IMG_8100 (800x533)

And for dessert – the only remotely sweet thing we have in the house. We need some ice cream up in here!IMG_8106 (800x533)

I have a ton of blog stuff to do and afternoon/evening clients. See ya later!


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    I just got mine done this morning as well. Of course, they somehow squished my picture so my head looks wider than it actually is, but PA ones don’t have weight on them which makes up for the bad picture. :)

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    Yeah wtf is up with CA and the weight thing? Mine was “optimistic”, then it was right, then it was too high, and now it’s back to being “optimistic” and will be for awhile. Yo-yo dieter much? I have to get a new one too since I changed my name when I got married. And they’re going to take my picture again which is always fun. Although last time, I was not expecting the photo and I and all sweaty from the gym. at least now I know what I’m in for.

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    I had to dive into my wallet to see what “lie” I had put on my driver’s license. It probably would have been a lie in the other direction now, judging from the photo on there. But TN took weight information off of driver’s licenses awhile back; it was our state’s way of deal with our obesity crisis…

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    This reminded me of high school, when I had to give my height and weight to order my graduation gown.
    I weighed 250lbs… I think I said 180!! HAH! They didn’t even bat an eye, thank god. I was sweating from nerves.

    Thank goodness it fit when I got it!

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      I like that! Then every time you look at your license (umm like when you’re carded for booze) you’re reminded of that. Good idea!

      ps- Monica, if I were to guess by your pics I’d out you like 10 under what your license says, and I’m not just kissing butt.

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    I got a new photo when I renewed in ’08. My old photo was from when I was 19, I definitely needed an upgrade. Then I lost a bunch of weight. A bouncer at a club didn’t even believe the me in the photo was still me. That really pissed me off. So now I’m way under the weight listed, but I kinda like the picture (minus the high saturation).

  6. Nicole says

    Totally guilty on the weight thing. Also, my picture on my debit card is from when I was 15 – with full on acne, braces, and 15 years younger! They somehow keep sending them to me with that same picture on it…!

    Also, I’m sure you’re not (probably!) but from the blog’s picture angle you kind of look naked in that driver’s license picture!

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    SO happy they don’t ask for weight in Massachusetts. I mean even if you ‘lie’ a little, it’s like that number is set in stone and you either fight against it or for it ya know? hahaha

    Why have I never thought of adding cashews to my salads!? Awesome idea :)

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    1. I can’t believe you can make appointments at your DMV! Do all DMV’s offer that?

    2. I cannot believe they asked you about your weight! My weight on my ID is probably 20 pounds lower (I never changed it after my 16th birthday when I was too skinny…and they never asked!)

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    I’ve never heard of making an appointment for the DMV- I’m used to waiting for hours and most likely getting stuck sitting next to a smelly old man :-X They don’t list your weight in VA, didn’t know states did that!

  10. Malin says

    Hi! Long time reader, first time commenter. Here in Sweden they don´t ask for the weight, but you have to show one of your ears in the picture. Don´t know why, and it absolutly has to be the entire ear. Annoying, I had to reshoot my picture to get it right. Love your blog!

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    My driver’s license weight was I think 20 lbs less than I actually weighed, which slowly became 50 less. Now it is actually 20 lbs MORE than I currently weigh. I never actually think about it unless I’m buying alcohol because I am carded every single stinkin’ time!

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