Champion Sports Bra

Happy Friday! This morning I did a 3.1 mile run aka 5K to keep my legs loose. I have another long run scheduled for tomorrow so I didn’t want to do too much (even though my training plan calls for 6 today and 20 tomorrow – who does that?!). IMG_8416 (800x600)

This morning I tried the Max-Support Sports Bra Champion sent me as part of their Ambassador program. This bra is meant to be used for high impact activities like running. champion sports bra

I always wear 2 sports bras when running, because I hate any boob bouncing! But, I usually only buy the cheap kind of sports bras. So today I just wore this one to really test it out.

It has a clasp back, which made it fit like a glove.IMG_8414 (800x600)

I only did 3 miles so I still want to take this out for a long run, but I am happy to report that I was bounce free! IMG_8415 (800x600)

Breakfast was an over easy egg and toast. One side with butter, one with stevia and cinnamon.IMG_8419 (600x800)

Why did I only make 1 egg?! Who eats 1 egg?! I wanted another one.IMG_8423 (800x600)

Okay, I only made 1 egg because we had 3 eggs left and I wanted to leave 2 for Ben. But, it left me wanting more.

Now I am off to Zumba and then I have some clients to train. Champion also sent a tank that they suggested for Zumba. This is the Smoothing Long Top.IMG_8425 (800x600)

Just like their smoothing knee pants, it’s super flattering. Love that Winking smile

IMG_8426 (800x600)

The pants are also Champion, but they didn’t send me those. I’ve always been a fan of this brand and picked those up at Target recently.

Question: What food do you need more than 1 of to feel satisfied?

I’m always going with 2 eggs from now on!


  1. says

    How do I get hooked up with this Ambassador’s Program??? 😉 You look awesome, Monica, especially in the blue top!
    Need two of:….hmmm, I’ll have to go with hotdogs (which I rarely eat), but I need two…one with a little chili and one plain.

    • Ella says

      I agree – your torso looks AMAZE in those photos! seriously, like a fitness model. or rather, what i wish they looked like instead of those skinny girls they often show in magazines who look like they’ve never done a lunge or pull-up in their life.

  2. says

    I agree–gotta have two eggs! Honestly, eating two of everything feels normal for me because growing up, we were the house of seconds. I ALWAYS ate two servings of everything. I don’t anymore but sometimes it just feels natural to want to each two baked potatoes or two slices of cake….

  3. says

    I was honestly thinking about this today and wondering who can get buy with one slice of pizza. Seriously, I can never just eat one slice unless I am at a party with a ton of other options. Of course I could just be a little pizza piglet.

  4. says

    I was just having the same dilemma because there’s only one egg left in the house! I was going to bulk it up by having it with some leftover veggie chili on toast. Maybe that’ll work.. That Champion stuff looks great! Does the sports bra press against your neck at the back? I hate that.

  5. says

    I love Champion’s stuff because I always find it on clearance at Target. And it’s nice!

    You look great in the smoothing long top. I love the blue!

  6. says

    Love the clasp bra! I have been wearing champion (bras) for a long time but I need an upgrade.

    I also bought a pair of Champion crops at Target which I love, but they have a completely different feel than lululemon run pants (which I bought a pair of and really really love) – have you tried both? Are those smoothing pants similar? lululemon’s have a bit of compression going on so I wondered.

  7. says

    I am SURE Ben appreciated having 2 eggs. You are right that those Champion clothes are flattering. They are sold at Target? I will have to give them a shot. I have a large chest… smaller than it used to be, but still large. I usually wear a regular bra with an undewire + a sports bra. Sports bras with underwire are a bazillion dollars, so I only have one. Hoping that the smaller I get, the smaller THEY get too!

  8. says

    Hey there, thanks so much for this post. I too and a 2x sports bra girl (cheapies!) I finally bought a nice one at Lululemon and it’s the only one I can go one layer with. I’m glad to know that this is another option because I definitely need to get couple more. When you workout almost everyday, its hard to keep these things clean!

  9. Kristen says

    I do the egg thing too and it’s soooo hard because I usually make two whole eggs and two egg whites for breakfast…When I’m really hungry I just finish them off! I love my husband but he knows where the grocery store is =]

  10. says

    I know you’re not ‘technically’ supposed to care what you look like when you run, but when I am wearing running clothes that I feel I look good in that are flattering I tend to have a better run! You look fabulous! I love cropped running pants 😀
    I can never just have one glass of wine! Ah! And I can NEVER just have ONE piece of bread with PB… must come in pairs, always!

    I hope Ben appreciated you leaving him the extra eggs 😉 haha I do that stuff for my boyfriend too but I make sure he knows it! 😉 I hope that doesn’t make me a bad person.

  11. Ida says

    I’ve never tried a sports bra with a clasp- but I have some champion ones that I love b/c they are sized like regular bras.
    You look great in the photos!

  12. says

    If I have pizza, I’ll finish the entire thing (the european size though, not american 😛 haha) … I hate it, but, it’s sort of a compulsion! haha. Bloated for days after that!

  13. Lorin says

    I can’t just do one pancake! I’d rather split the big pancake into 3 smaller ones. I like to have different toppings for pancakes. Different nut butters, coconut butter, ect. :]

  14. says

    It’s like you were reading my mind! I’m in SERIOUS need of a new anti-bouncing sports bra, but have trouble finding any and usually double up too! I’m bigger chested (TMI?) so I wonder if the Champion bra will work for me! Super excited to try it out. I know Under Armor has some bras that look similar to that but I can’t even figure out how to budget in a $50 sports bra..let alone more than one. Do you know if Target is selling those currently? And what about that top!? Love love love.

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