Very Eccentric

We had a noon meeting at work and I didn’t have any clients after so one of my co-workers suggested going out to lunch. Yes please!

We hit up Wahoo’s – famous for their fish tacos.IMG_9524 (800x600)My co-worker and I had never hung out before this so she thought it was weird I was taking pictures. I told her, “Yeah, I take pictures of everything.”

Without any judgment in her voice she said, “Oh, that’s very eccentric of you.”

I liked that Smile 

I got the salad with fish and guacamole. I also added the teriyaki veggies. So good.IMG_9528 (800x600)

The dressing isn’t very good, but the teriyaki from the veggies covered everything and made it delicious!IMG_9527 (800x600)

I spotted this on the way home – It Is Okay.IMG_9529 (800x600)I hope so.

I just taped the latest Ask a Monican so that will be up tonight! IMG_9532

And if you need a laugh, check out Happy Place for sarcastic responses to public signs like this…flan from God

Now I have a writing assignment to complete and 2 clients tonight! I’ll see ya later.


  1. says

    I’m a heavy sleeper. Sometimes I have a hard time falling asleep… but once i’m asleep i’m out like a light.

    for example, a couple weeks ago, I was working night shift and slept through a hurricaine and an earthquake. I’m not kidding haha.

  2. Kristen says

    Wahoos? And Sonics? Ugh, you’re killing me!! LOL now I want to fish tacos and a ginormous strawberry limeade. Why did I let my husband drive off with the car with the carseats still in it?!

  3. says

    You should consider doing a post on how you do your eye make up. Not related to health or fitness what so ever BUT they always look so pretty!

  4. says

    Taking pictures of food makes you eccentric??? Well… there are worse things! And you’re in good company, IMHO. My husband has been a food photo-taker forever, and I started for “blog purposes” (riiiiiiight). 😉

    Eccentrics unite!

  5. says

    I don’t know if I’d feel comfortable whipping out my camera around someone I didn’t know that well. But you rocked it! Glad to hear how nice she is.

    LOL, love that sign! And I totally love the license plate. It is ok!

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