Mizuno Wave Rider Pink Running Shoes

I really don’t ask for much in life. All I’ve ever wanted is…

1. No cellulite. (What? I can dream!)

2. A red car. (Yes, any red car.)

3. To always be the perfect temperature.

4. Calorie free chocolate cake.


5. Pink Running shoes

Finally one of those dreams came true!!!pink mizuno wave rider

Apparently wishes you make on shooting stars go directly to the Mizuno In Box because a rep from the company contacted me recently and offered to change my life send over a pair.

These are the Mizuno Wave Rider Special Editionmizuno wave rider special edition

They are a moderate neutral shoe – for someone with normal pronation. I took them for a test run this morning and am in love! I feel like I have to run a little faster to pull off this shoe, so I did SmileIMG_2538 (800x600)

See? Look at me go!IMG_2539 (800x600)

I did 6 miles with a few tempo miles in the middle. 8:31, 8:09, 8:53, 8:00, 8:53IMG_2541 (800x600)

I had PB&J with a side of salsa eggs for breakfast. This TJ’s salsa is good on everything.IMG_2543 (600x800)

Then, I rushed off to work for a short shift. I wore my shoes. I may never take them off. I’m suddenly glad I never dress up Winking smile

Now “Operation Thanksgiving Cooking” has begun. See ya later!IMG_2545 (800x600)

Now all I need is Toyota to send me a red car, global warming to take full effect and a cellulite cream company to sponsor me…

Question: What color are the shoes you are wearing right now?


  1. says

    i have four pairs of nike frees: purple (the ones i have on), orange (my favourite colour), neon pink and (boring) blue. i covet the lime with hot pink shoe laces that we currently sell where i work.
    LOVE your mizunos. have not seen that colour combo! enjoy!!

  2. says

    right now my shoes are grey with hot pink – Nike Pegasus GTX and I ran in the snow with them today and they ROCK.

    However, super jealous of the Mizunos! Those are my fave shoes (although generally at least $30 more than Nikes which do their job fine…) and I am also crushing on the pink color!!!

  3. says

    Right now, right now? Brown – Tall zip-up Uggs. For running, I wear the Brooks Defyance 3 and they are silver/blue/dark purple. I’m procrastinating getting the Ghost 3, they come in purple! I need to hurry up and just order them before the 10s are out of stock for good. I think I’m hoping for a crazy sale or something.

  4. says

    I love those shoes, wanted them when I saw them too but I need to wait until pay day. :) I also just pulled out my cranberries to make sauce for tomorrow. Yum. Love the running pic of you too…looks so real. 😉 Oh, and I’m not wearing shoes at the moment. Jessica


  5. says

    I would kill for some pink running shoes – those would fit my orthotics perfectly as well, as they’re just the type of shoe I am looking for. Sadly I don’t think Mizuno do that kind of shoe in the UK…I’m stuck with my boring white Asics :(


  6. says

    I have black timbalands on right now lol! Rugged 😉 My nike running shoes are black and pink, I love em, but I need a bit bigger size I think :(

  7. Adrienne says

    So jealous! I’ve had my eye on those for a while. I have the bright blue Mizuno Elixir 6’s. I swear that fun running shoes make you go faster!

  8. Carly Power says

    I love my mizuno shoes SO much – they’re not pink, but they changed the way I run (faster and further!). Love love love.

  9. says

    I have those shoes sitting at the running store waiting for me to come check them out. I love my Wave Rider 13’s but its a toss up with the 15’s and Brooks’ Ghost 4’s.

    The pink/red Mizuno 15’s definitely looked more red at IRL and the sales person said something about them being red because of the 15 and red and China…I should check Google, see what it has to say about this!

  10. says

    Just ordered Mizuno Wave Creations in a BRIGHT orange – they’re fabulous! I actually ordered them in two sizes – I got my usual 10 and thought maybe they were a bit small so I ordered a 10.5. I’m going to test them out in the next few days on the treadmill and return the “wrong” size. Do you find Mizunos run smaller than other shoe brands?

  11. Amanda says

    My running shoes are orange and white Brooks Ghost’s…….. I really love those hot pink shoes of yours! I might have to get them : D

  12. says

    monica, I’ve been wearing mizuno wave riders for about six years, purchased maybe 10? pairs, and run dozens of races in them including races in France, London and Panama! While my marathon race time is a few minutes (maybe 30?) off from boston qualifying time, its shocking to me that Mizuno has not contacted me to be a spokesmodel.

    I’m hoping that Mizuno sees this and contacts me to send me free pink shoes too. (current ones are white & blue)

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