Carb Loading in Las Vegas

Sorry RER was MIA earlier, I guess when I’m in Vegas my blog thinks it can get drunk too!

This morning I headed to the hotel gym for a strength session, but got a text from Meghann as soon as I got there to meet for brunch. Sold to the lady with the food! I turned around and went to get ready.

IMG_2994 (600x800)

We went to a cute little café at the Signature in the MGM. The Signature area of the hotel is super nice!IMG_2749 (800x533)

I got a veggie omelet with toast. IMG_2752 (800x533)

On the way to brunch reader Samantha spotted me and introduced herself. If you ever see me dead on the side of the road please stop and say Hi so Ben thinks I might actually have a friend Winking smile! IMG_2745 (800x533)

My breakfast buddies were Anne, Meghann and StephanieIMG_2757 (800x533)

We aren’t models, we are runners so it takes a long time to get a good shot… IMG_2756 (800x533)

Stephanie’s blog is called Run for Fun and she gave me this awesome head band!!! IMG_2755 (800x533)

I love it because tonight’s run really is for fun and I need to remind myself to enjoy it (instead of spend all day dreading it!). IMG_2762 (800x533)

After breakfast I headed to Ross for a long sleeve shirt. I did not plan for Las Vegas to be so cold and I didn’t bring anything warm to run in! It’s supposed to be in the 40s at the start and will only get colder as we go. image

I found something that I hope will work and headed back to our hotel.IMG_2769 (800x533)

On the way there I made a very necessary carb loading stop for a salty pretzel! IMG_2776 (800x533)

Salty carbs is my pre-race meal of choice. IMG_2778 (800x533)

I also picked up a salad that took 45 minutes to get!!! It was kinda ridic. I wasn’t sure what else to eat so I got a salad to fill me up. Hopefully it won’t upset my stomach.IMG_2781 (800x533)

I also stole some of Ben’s Chinese food.IMG_2782 (800x533)

All I know is… IMG_2774 (533x800)

Okay, I have to get ready for the half marathon! I don’t think I’ve ever run in the afternoon, so this will be interesting. My stomach has been weird all weekend (actually it’s been weird since I got sick post-Panama on and off!). I’m hoping carb loading and TON of water will be enough to get me to the finish!!!


  1. michelle says

    Question, does your blog automatically link to a seperate page everytime you mention Ben or work? It linked to your new job info today when you mentioned buying a long sleeved shirt you hoped will work for your race tonight. Just making sure I’m not missing some inside scoop us non-bloggers are unaware of. :)

    Good luck tonight! I’m sure you will do great!!

  2. says

    Racing at night sounds incredible, but I don’t know how my stomach would handle it. I ran a Santa-themed race yesterday and it was at 3pm, and that was weird enough, given that most races I’ve done are before 10am! Have a killer time, you’ll do great, I just know it!

  3. says

    The only races I’ve ever seen are either way too stinking early in the morning, or they start at like midnight for a “fun” night race. I’d love a race that I could attend and keep my normal sleeping schedule! Hope you have fun :)

  4. says

    Looks like tons of fun hanging in Vegas with all the other runners/bloggers. Hope your tummy was OK for the race. Can’t wait to hear how it went.

    Come by my blog today for a fabulous edition of {Motivate Me Monday}. You just may know her…she too ran the Vegas marathon last night, her story is inspiring as ever!!

  5. Andrea Christensen says

    You’re beautiful! I have red hair too and you’ve reminded me that I need to wear more green. Though, one time someone told me the red-orange + green combo made me look like a carrot? Too bad: I like carrots!

    Love your blog.

  6. says

    Need that magnet…story of my life. Also… drinking when flying. For some reason I think it’s the greatest thing that someone else is at the helm and doing the navigation and I take it upon myself and sit back, relax, and get lush.

  7. Samantha says

    It was really cool to see you and Ben at the MGM! I have read your blog on a daily basis for over a year and knew you’d be at the race, but with 44,000 people, I never expected to run into you! The race was a lot of fun, but I struggled with all the walkers in my corral (23) And I was frustrated with my time because of it (my ipod nike app even said i ran just under 14.5 miles because i was dodging so many people… I ALS registered with a lower goal time than I was shooting for last night, but it was hard to know back in May and the corral change line was forever long at the expo!).

    We also had a lot of troubles with having enough water stations or people prepared when we got there… Did you have any of these troubles? Regardless, it was a blast to run the strip at night and have all the distractions! But I think I’ll try to find more races in the future that are smaller or more adequately prepared to handle the crowd. Great again to see you and Ben as ‘real people’ not just on the blog! Have a great day!

  8. Denise says

    I saw you guys at the expo! But I thought it’d be kind of weird to introduce myself in the bathroom… I walked out and saw Ben and think I might have randomly said “There’s Ben” out loud. I got a little overexcited when I saw all you awesome running bloggers this weekend. (One of the few brightspots in my rough weekend there… food poisioning and a bad race performance.)

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