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After my run I ate an apple as a mid-morning snack, but since we all know apples are BS only make me hungrier I chased it down with dutch cocoa Somersaults and hot cocoa. Yep, just got that mug in Las Vegas this weekend! I’m not a fan of random souvenirs but really wanted this for some reason?IMG_3077 (800x600)

By noon I had an intense craving for chickpeas. Luckily, I found this organic can of the beans at the 99 a while back.IMG_3078 (600x800)IMG_3081 (800x600)

Instead of bread, I paired my salad with cereal SmileIMG_3082 (800x600)

After my bout with the Panamanian flu my stomach felt weird for a long time. (Remember what a mess I was?!) monica is dead

A rep from GoodBelly contacted me and asked if I wanted to try their 12 Day Challenge and I figured it couldn’t hurt. good belly challenge

The challenge is that you drink a serving of GoodBelly for 12 days and feel better (I was hoping it would kill my Panamanian parasite). I have been taking it for a few days, but couldn’t take it with me to Vegas (my drink of choice there started with a “v” and ended with “odka” anyways). So, I can’t say I did the whole 12 day challenge but I am still drinking it.

But, I can say I love this Cranberry Watermelon flavor! It brings back happy memories of my summer love… IMG_0003 (800x600)They actually have eight other flavors if you’d rather leave the watermelon eating and drinking to me:

  • Pomegranate Blackberry
  • Cranberry Watermelon
  • Mango
  • Blueberry Acai
  • Strawberry
  • Lemon Ginger
  • Vanilla Chamomile
  • Coconut Water
  • Tropical Green

If you want to try the GoodBelly Challenge leave a comment with your summer love. (*Open to US residents only. Contest ends 12/7/11 at 9pm PST. Winner announced 12/7/11 by midnight.)


  1. Erin says

    Mangoes. I had (have?) a serious problem. And, I have to worst stomach in the *world* and would love to try something that could help me!!

  2. says

    my summer love is berries of any (and every) kind!!

    ps. i have had more than my share of stomach issues this year and would seriously LOVE to try this.

  3. Holly says

    My summer love is blueberries!! I go and pick them and freeze enough for the whole year. Or at least I TRY to – they’re already almost gone :(

  4. Meredith says

    My summer loves are sunshine, salsa, strawberrys and anything from the grill… paired of course with a corona light in my hand!

  5. says

    I’ve blogged about the challenge (so I’m not trying to enter)… it does work, if you give it the time… and of course, it adds up $ over time. My favorite is the mango; the tropical green is a close second. I will definitely use it after taking antibiotics, though!

  6. says

    I want your mug :) I collect those haha and I’m not a collector by any means…just and avid coffee drinker that fell in love with those! I have Houston, Austin, San Antonio, New York, Florida, and Pittsburgh lol

  7. says

    I love all the Starbucks mugs! I grab one in each city I spend a lot of time in (ie. no airport only mugs). My summer love is frozen yogurt places. There aren’t any in Michigan where I am but I was in Florida over the summer and was absolutely in heaven. Love!

  8. Chelsea@RunningISMyDiet says

    My stomach hates me. Please…12 day trial!! :)

    My summer loves are local peaches, beer with fruit in it, and running in just a sports bra and shorts!

  9. says

    My stomach has been weird since I got back from our honeymoon (and we only went to NYC!)
    What I miss about summertime is sweaty knees and yummy berries that don’t taste like over priced water

  10. says

    Wow some of those flavors sound awesome. I think I’d especially be a fan of the Blueberry Acai and Vanilla Chamomille. My drink of choice is almost coffee!! I need to cut back on the caffeine, but the time just doesn’t seem right! lol

  11. erica says

    my summer love is any preparation and combination of mangoes and peaches. i guess the frozen kinds will have to sustain me through the winter?

  12. Shanna says

    My summer loves are cherries, grapes, and as much watermelon as I can carry. I think wintertime strength training is for… prep for walking back to my apartment w/watermelons!

  13. says

    Oh I LOOOOOVE Good Belly! I used to get their daily single shots but I cant find them any more :(
    During the summer I enjoy relaxing by the pool with some spiked lemonade.. or jello shots and water balloon fights! All this summer talk reminds me of why I need to get into bikini shape!!

  14. says

    My summer loves are strawberries, peaches and bbq’s. And of course…my stomach hates me. My pre-race routine includes a big dose of Imodium. It’s the only thing i’ve found that can help me.

  15. Emily H. says

    fro-yo! Or its less glamorous, far cheaper, and (I think) surprisingly delicious trailer park cousin, McDonald’s softserve. I am just too cold (Washington…but I’m a skinny wimp) to eat it in the winter!

  16. Shannon says

    I truly love during the some a cucumber/tomato salad I make, I can each bowls fulls. I also love picking the fresh veggies from my garden. It’s awesome.

  17. tink says

    Hi! i just found your blog, i’m a running newbie and am happy to have found you!

    my summer love is cherries. i hate that they are only available for such a short time!

  18. says

    I was just thinking of something I could do about my cranky belly!! I would love to try it!! My summer love…..Picking warm rasberries from my parents bushes and eating them with Greek yogurt!!! Yummm!

  19. alison says

    I need to try this. I’ve been having flairs of IBS lately… and around the holidays it’s really the pits!
    My favs of the summer are fresh fruit, outdoor morning runs and lots of vacation time :)

  20. Alexis says

    My summer love is being outside, fresh fruit smoothies and flip flops.

    My stomach has been all kinds of crazy since i had a staph infection followed by ulcers early in the year. I could use this.

    btw, love the blog

  21. Robin says

    Wow apparently there are a lot of us with stomach issues! I would love to try it. I honestly don’t think I’d be brave enough to sign up for the LV half (which I *really* wanted to do) because my stomach gets more uncomfortable as the day goes on. You look like you had so much fun!

  22. says

    I need to do the good belly challenge. My digestive system is trashed here lately. Can’t figure out if it is stress or gluten-allergy-related. Also, those flavors sound amazing!

  23. Chelsea @ The Nut Butter Runner says

    I’d love to try it! My stomach hates me, to be short about it. My summer love is watermelon as well!

  24. says

    My summer love is my year-round love aka the food I’d choose if I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life: strawberries.

    I worked at a Cold Stone ice cream in high school and would eat the flash frozen strawberries like it was my job…wait….whaaa?

  25. says

    A chickpea salad topped with hummus—> a surefire way to kill any chickpea craving! I love berries with vanilla yogurt (or better yet ice cream) in the summer–> so refreshing!

  26. Juani says

    I am really happy to hear that I’m not the only person that gets hungrier after I eat an apple.My stomach seriously starts doing flips after an apple,and not in a good way :)

  27. Kristie says

    I love having big bowls of berries & cherries in the summer. If I tried that now I bet one bowl would cost about $10. Boo!

  28. Katherine says

    Ohhh I could use a good belly these days. My summer love is fresh tomatoes picked right my my parents’ garden.

  29. Jordan K. says

    I miss the warmth and longer days of summer so bad already! And were not even officially into winter yet! Ugh!

  30. says

    Yikes, that’s a dangerous feeling!! I prefer to run (fast) to get home because if I slow down and walk it seems to make the need for the bathroom greater for some reason. Luckily, if I’m running my body gets the hint and eases up a bit!

  31. says

    i’ve been having serious issues lately with my body’s digestion of soy and articficial sweeteners, so i’d love to try this challenge! my summer love is grilled sweet corn on the cob <3 oh, and cantaloupe or fresh strawberries!

  32. Catherine says

    My summer love would have to be evening walks. I think it’s a great way to unwind at the end of the day when it’s still light enough and warm enough to get outside.

    That great belly challenge sounds AMAZING. I have a “sensitive” stomach so maybe this would help :)

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