Running to Whole Foods for Tofu


Tonight I went to a little blogger meet up at Whole Foods for dinner. The girls got together for one more night of fun before Sarah and I leave town for Christmas (rumor has it we are actually reindeer and run Santa’s sleigh around the world).  I cannot confirm. I carpooled with SR and got to ride in her Smart Car! Truth be told, I barely fit in it. Truth be told #2, driving … [Read more...]

Motivational Monday–10k plan


Since I lost my running mojo I have been trying to motivate myself to get it together. The ad above is my favorite Nike ad of all time and I had it up in my bedroom for years I thought I’d repost it because I need to reread it this week. I tweaked my training plan and have decided to follow a 10k training plan for a few weeks. I haven’t truly followed a training plan for … [Read more...]