Workout Without Weights

Hello! I had a bad night of sleep last night because I thought I was going to be killed. Yeah, I was pretty convinced there was someone in the closet waiting for Ben to leave. I need to relax, or see a therapist. Maybe both.

Anyways, this morning I wanted to run, but knew I should give my legs a break after 2 solid days of good running. I’m trying this new thing called moderation – Don’t expect it to last very long and it doesn’t apply to baked goods or chocolate!

So, I decided to do some moves without weights for a workout. (Too many dub-yas.) Repeated 3 times:

Split squat, alt. 12 each side
Push ups, girl style 12
Hip raises, foot on coffee table, alt. 12
Donkey kicks 12
Plank 30 seconds





I also brought some fitness tools on this trip – but we’ll play with those later Smile IMG_3962 (800x600)Then, I went on a 2 mile walk to Dunkin Donuts Smile Told ya I’d have it every day.

After breakfast Ben’s mom and I hit up the after Christmas sales.IMG_3954 (800x600)

I got this fun maxi dress. Maybe next year I’ll learn how to dress decent. Maybe. IMG_3968 (600x800)

Maybe I’ll also learn how to put together a decent looking lunch. IMG_3959 (800x600)Nah. I’m not that ambitious.

Maybe I’ll also learn how to turn down a piece of freshly baked blueberry banana bread. Okay, now I’m just being ridiculous.IMG_3967 (800x600)

I’m still working on my plans for 2012. Stay tuned online.


  1. says

    The dress is cute, and it is great you get along with your MIL. I like you fit the DD fix into your workout :)

    I took V to a hotel waterpark and we were there for 4 hours. Does that count as a workout? I am exhausted.

    OOH and I NEED the recipe thankyouverymuch

  2. says

    That dress is very cute! Can’t wait to hear about your goals for 2012, I’m still thinking about what mine will be. I am dreaming of doing my first full marathon and think that might just be one of my resolutions…I definitely consider your blog a big motivator for me to achieve that goal :)

  3. says

    I love working out without weights! I don’t think I’m tall enough for a maxi dress, but you’re going to rock it. My fitness goals are to push past the 5k distance slowly so I don’t get injured.

  4. says

    If my meals have to actually look pretty in the new year I’m screwed! I think the maxi dress is cute in one of those “I’d like it on someone else, just not myself” ways.

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