Flexi-Bar and Xco Training

Right after my rainy run yesterday I grabbed some snacks and headed to a training session for work. It was held at another gym in our chain and I managed to not get lost – win.IMG_4956 (800x600)

We are getting two new pieces of equipment – the Xco trainer, which is a very light weight with granules inside to help with range of motion and complimentary movements…IMG_4957 (600x800)

And a Flexi-bar, which uses oscillation during static movements to challenge you.flexi bar

My preference is toward the Xco because the instructor said you can use them for running. Supposedly it helps perfect your running form. I’m skeptical, but really want to try it!

Plus, they are like exercise maracas which I love SmileIMG_4965 (600x800)

After training I was pretty hungry and stopped at Sprouts for a sandwich. Turkey on sweet prairie bread with all the veggies – including sprouts of course. I really think alfalfa sprouts make a sandwich taste healthier, no?IMG_4968 (600x800)

I picked up a few treats from the bulk bins too. These dark chocolate covered cashews were HUGE.IMG_4976 (800x600)

With my belly full I headed to my mom’s for a visit (and to raid her fridge).IMG_4972 (600x800)

Did you know I tried Swedish Fish for the first time last week? I kinda love them.IMG_4985 (800x600)

The rest of the day was a blur because I was exhausted. This Skinny Girl margarita didn’t help the situation.IMG_4993 (600x800)

This morning I set out for a fast 3 miles. Look at this! I’m faster than Friday! Buuuuuut, I did take an easier route today.IMG_5003 (800x600)

Friday’s 3 miler:IMG_4946 (800x533)

Something happened that’s never happened on a run before – my hair fell out of the rubber band. Luckily, it was on my cool down mile and I just decided to walk it inIMG_5001 (800x600)

When I got back I contemplated breakfast. I know what my dad is having…IMG_4982 (600x800)

I’m not a menudo maker, I’m a pancake maker though…IMG_5007 (800x600)

See ya later!


  1. Grecia says

    I also tried swedish fish for the first time a few weeks ago but I thought they were a bit too chewy. I think I’ll stick with chocolate. (:

  2. says

    Omg where did your dad get that shirt?! I need it for my boyfriend…he’s mexican and loves menudo! I tried it for the first time on Christmas and I couldn’t get over the texture or the fact I was eating stomach lining…thankfully his mom had a back up breakfast waiting for me :)

    • Amy says

      OMG I totally thought you were talking about Sweedish Fish and I was like whhhhaaaat? Sweedish fish is stomach lining? Then I reread the post – Dur! hah!

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