6 Month Closet Clean Out

Just checking in, how’s it going? My face feels completely congested but my body had energy so I cleaned the house. Around 1:30p I walked to Subway for a tuna to split with Ben. IMG_5668 (600x800)

Ben’s trying out a MMA gym and came home exhausted. So the guys took a nap while I hit up Costco. Vegas finds the best places to relax.IMG_5680 (800x600)

The “take and bake” pizzas were $3.00 off so I couldn’t walk away from that deal. But, the sale was only on the pepperoni so I just moved half of them to Ben’s side.IMG_5687 (800x600)

Nothing like freshly baked pizza…IMG_5721 (800x533)

With a side of Daytime syrup junkIMG_5717 (800x533)

I ate two slices with a big salad. We ate in front of the TV – we never do that unless we’re alone! When we’re together we eat at the table. IMG_5728 (800x533)

IMG_5732 (533x800)

Now onto the Closet Clean Up!

It’s no secret that I don’t know how to dress…IMG_3634 (600x800)

It’s also no secret that I’m not the neatest girl around. I  blame 20% of my lacking fashion sense on my messy closet (the other 80% is lack of caring). I tend to keep my favorites in one part of the closet and really only reach for those. But, I still have a closet full of stuff I haven’t worn in over a year!IMG_5689 (800x533)IMG_5696 (800x533)

I recently heard of a little trick that I’m going to try –

The 6 month painless closet clean out

1. Flip all your hangers to face the other way.IMG_5709 (800x533)

2. When you wear something put it back “the right way” on the rack.IMG_5698 (800x533)

3. In 6 months donate anything that is on a hanger facing out. You can make exceptions for seasonal or special occasion clothes, but the point is to clean out things you don’t use!

IMG_5710 (800x533)

This way you don’t have to go through each piece of clothing trying to convince yourself you have worn it or are going to wear it soon. Saves time and keeps ya honest.

Anyone want to try the 6 month closet clean out with me?


  1. says

    I’ve never thought about switching the hangers back and forth. I have such a hard time getting rid of clothes… even clothes I haven’t worn in 4-6 years. My closet is the place that I’m least organized…

  2. says

    I’ve heard of this trick and am going to try it. I just cleaned out my closet, but IT’S STILL FULL! Maybe this will be the key to getting rid of the last few things. Buuuuttttttt….I swear I’m going to wear that two-times too small baby tee from five years ago (when I was ten years too old to wear it) very very soon :)

  3. janae@hungryrunnergirl.com says

    We got that deal at Costco too…that pizza is incredible. I want to try out this closet clean, I need to BAD!

  4. says

    I have heard of this, but I have a problem. I enjoy the thrill of finding great thrift store deals-even if it doesn’t fit right. I feel like I should hold onto stuff because it didn’t cost me hardly anything. Then when I do finally get rid of it, I think back and wish I had that shirt or pair of pants. I should probably get over this or stop buying clothes that don’t fit right but were “such a great deal.”

  5. says

    So I was at the Atlanta Blogger Potluck tonight and Tine from FFF told me I HAD to check out your blog. :)

    I’m so glad I did! You rock. And I need that “Suck it, Saddlebags” shirt… which I will have room for after this closet tip.

  6. says

    OH. What a trixy system. I’d probably mess it up with my system of trying things on and then throwing them on the floor…. haha. But it totally makes sense! I hate closet cleaning so much.

  7. Bethany says

    I am the opposite of you I give things away and then sometimes look for them. I lost over 40 lbs about 2 years ago and gave all my larger cloths away, so my closet is pretty sparce. I wear the same 4 pairs of jeans over again. I own 1 dress and 1 skirt both were my daughters. But I love shoes and boots.

  8. says

    I have no problem keeping my closet clean, I have a problem not keeping my closet full of clothes! In the past few months, I’ve donated two bags to charity but then I think that I have more room so in my mind more room = time to shop for more clothes ;P

    • says

      Put things in a certain drawer after you use it and move things that don’t fit in that drawer to a “non-use” one. Then throw out the “non use” drawer in 6 months?

  9. says

    I have no clothes left to get rid of! I moved 2x in the past 2 years and went on a huge ‘get rid of anything I don’t wear’ rampage in preparation for those moves. Plus I went from about 1600 sq feet and 2 rooms of closets to 634 sq feet and more confined closet space. It felt very freeing to get rid of things!

  10. Jocelyn says

    I LOVE this idea – thanks for sharing! Over time things get pushed to the back of my closet, but instead of getting rid of them I just keep giving them second chances by moving them to the front…until they get pushed to the back again.

  11. says

    I love that idea!

    I just cleaned out my closet at the beginning of January – my husband and I donated 6 trash bags full of clothes! Felt so good!

    Good luck in keeping your closet clean – we are doing pretty good for one month in.

  12. says

    I love the closet idea, but I’d probably be giving away most of my clothes. I think I wear about 7 different things and 6 of them are workout clothes :) I really should clean my closet out. But my hubby’s is worse – he has about a billion tshirts and only wears 5!

  13. says

    I really need to do that closet clean out. I do it 2x a year, but I am a crazy sentimentalist so I will actually keep clothes because I attach some crazy memory to them even if I never wear.

  14. says

    That’s a great idea! However, that means that I would have to pay attention when putting away my clothes in the evening and right now this means melting them into a pile on the floor before I get into bed hehe.

  15. says

    That is such a good idea. I seriously only wear 5 outfits on repeat every single week (I don’t know how to dress either, I need a personal stylist and shopper because I hate both of those things). But somehow it’s so hard to get rid of perfectly good clothes! Very productive of you!

  16. says

    I don’t have enough clothes to actually try that. I need all of the clothes I have! In fact, most of my shirts are probably more holey than most men’s shirts. Hey it’s Amber – the chick who wears the same shirt over and over again until it’s falling apart. :)

  17. says

    I am intrigued by this closet trick! I’d be afraid that I would have to get rid of more than half of my wardrobe in 6 months though, because I tend to wear the same stuff over and over. But I like this a lot! I definitely need to purge my closet and this might be a good way to do it.

    And PS – we had the $3 off Costco pizza for dinner on Friday night. My first Costco pizza … DELISH!!!!

  18. Kate says

    Ummm, sorry to derail from the conversation, but are ALL those pictures recent? If so, does that mean your Christmas tree is still up?? LOL!!!

  19. says

    I like the idea in theory…but imm messy. The clothes that I did wear going back on the hangers in any sort of timely manner might hurt the process. Also, I wear mostly tees and tank and exercise clothes which I do not put on hangers. But I do need to sort out my clothes I only wear like three outfits. I think I should just sit and hold it up and say yes or no… Like Carrie on sex in the city but not that awesome haha

  20. says

    I love this idea! I have a ton of laundry to put away tonight and I think I’ll implement this. I think 6 months is a pretty good amount of time to get an idea of what I don’t wear at all, or at least make me attempt to wear some things I haven’t worn much. I tend to wear the same things in two week cycles…and I know I wash and wear my favorites too much. I hate getting rid of clothes I might “need”…but when I say it like that I feel like a hoarder :p

  21. says

    Oooo this sound awesome, I shall have to try it. I can never remember when I last wore clothes so I end up keeping them all. Too bad there isn’t an easy way to do this with folded clothes too. And by folded I mean “clothes shoved in my drawers.”

  22. says

    This is a great idea! I just might join you in this! I was just looking through my closet this morning and noticed ALOT of clothing items that I have not worn in a LONG TIME!!! Thanks for the idea!

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