V Day Until the Violence Stops

Happy Valentine’s Day! I started my day with a 6 mile run, 8:41 average pace. I’m going to start driving to flat ground, I just felt like I was going uphill forever.IMG 6172 800x600 thumb V Day Until the Violence Stops

Last night I came home to find roses from Ben, he’s the guy I married. I am not a big fan of flowers, but he is a romantic and thinks I’m just saying that. I’m not, but I don’t want to be a btch about it so I enjoy them. Well, Vegas enjoys them the most…IMG 6178 600x800 thumb V Day Until the Violence Stops

This morning I made my Valentine a special breakfast – heart shaped pancakes. IMG 6155 800x533 thumb V Day Until the Violence StopsFood fact: Sprinkles make any food taste better.IMG 6148 800x533 thumb V Day Until the Violence Stops

I don’t have a heart shaped cookie cutter so I just poured the batter into the pan carefully and made heart shapes. I was surprised that it worked!IMG 6158 800x533 thumb V Day Until the Violence Stops

Served up with strawberries and syrup. He loved it!IMG 6163 800x533 thumb V Day Until the Violence Stops

I started the blog shortly after Ben and I started dating so long time readers have seen a lot of our relationship right here – engagement, wedding planning, fighting, wedding, honeymoon, making babieswedding ceremony picture thumb V Day Until the Violence Stops

Ben are not a couple that is considered to fall under the “opposites attract” category – we both have very strong personalities. I think people often assume since my personality seems kinda strong that Ben is more passive. Not the case. We fight hard and we love hard. And we work on our relationship all the time.monica and ben at altar thumb V Day Until the Violence Stops

We’ve been married two and half years now, together for four. I am very lucky to have him. Happy Valentine’s Day Grizz!kissing thumb V Day Until the Violence Stops

V Day – Ever heard of “V Day” the world wide movement to create awareness and end violence toward women? I remember first reading about this in college (I think in Marie Claire?). I was shocked to learn about how common rape, violence, slavery and female genital mutilation are in our world today. It’s a very sad subject, but things only change if we acknowledge them and talk about how we can help.

Checkout the VDay site here and see if there is an event in your area. image thumb6 V Day Until the Violence Stops


  1. says

    Love your wedding photos, you guys are adorable. And super sweet with the heart shaped pancakes! We’re celebrating our Valentines Day tonight in similar fashion – at home with boxed mac n’ cheese & wine. I can’t wait!

  2. says

    I’m glad you admit to the relationships taking work. Marriage is great, but can be so very hard times when both people are strong-willed. And as for the flowers, enjoy them. I’ve gotten flowers TWICE in eight years from my husband. I get the whole “spending money on something that dies” thing, though.

  3. says

    Enjoy your flowers! I am definitely with you on the flowers… I can take them or leave them. My husband got them for me for our first couple of Valentine’s Days when we weren’t living together. It stopped after that though and I am totally okay with it.

  4. says

    Those look tasty! You say the same thing about sprinkles on food as I do about muffin liners. Cute liners make muffins and cupcakes taste so much better.

    By the way, I love the pics. The elevator one made me chuckle a bit. You do have the letters “EZ” above you… :)

  5. says

    Come to Irvine for your runs! There’s a bike/ walking/ running path right at Harvard & Irvine Center Drive. It starts right by the train tracks. There’s three water fountains even and NO cars. If you do the whole thing up to Jeffrey(which I think they’ve finally extended to the ‘mountain to sea trail’ now), it’s about 5-6ish miles round trip.

  6. Meg says

    Don’t get me started on heart shaped pancakes! I tried them today with a silicone cookie cutter type thing – don’t try, makes them taste like weird bread and wouldn’t let it buble to tell you ‘flip me!”. Yours look awesome by the way :)!

  7. says

    Ooo I love these heart shaped foods today. I saw a heart shaped pizza earlier that looked AMAZEBALLS but I may need to leave it for next year’s project. Happy Valentine’s Day!!! P.S. Fighting hard sometimes happens when you love someone a lot. Indifference would be the scary thing to look out for. Love on! :)

  8. Ida says

    I love flowering plants, like orchids, but cut flowers make me happy too. It is kind of sad to watch the flowers die though.
    You should run the same routes and focus on the improvement, not so much the pace. Hills are good for you!

  9. says

    Marriage isn’t always peaches and roses, that’s for sure. And my husband learned pretty quickly not to buy me flowers. He still has a couple of times, but my favorite was when he bought me fake flowers. Now I have pretty flowers that will never die!

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