Dentists and Personal Trainers

Happy Thursday! My legs are feeling a little tired so I decided to switch today’s run for tomorrow. I just dropped my car off to get the brakes done and walked home from there. I’ll walk back to get my car later, so about 4.5 miles of walking is my workout today and maybe a little strength this evening.

I almost had eggs for dinner last night because I’ve been craving them so much! But, pizza won yesterday so I made a scramble for breakfast. IMG_6184Half a bagel because I ate the other half for a snack yesterday and the super thick end piece of toast. It was a bready morning.IMG_6191

When I got back from the car dealer I had finished off the blueberries and had more iced coffee.  Snack of champions (when paired with some almonds).IMG_6192

Yesterday afternoon I had a dentist appointment. My dentist is really good and I like everyone there. But, I still hate the dentist. I almost feel guilty because my dentist is so cool! Yet, the dread of those visits remains. IMG_6239 (600x800)

While I was there trying not to be mean to they guy stabbing me in the mouth, I wondered if my clients at the gym hate coming to see me in the same way? Maybe they think I’m not so bad, but wouldn’t mind pushing me off a cliff??

Question: Thoughts? Do you dread the dentist? What other appointments do you dread the same way?


  1. says

    I don’t dread the dentist but my last appt ended on a bad note. They made me (after much negotiating) have a fluoride treatment that is a brush on, leave on treatment. It eventually dissolves, but the trick is to not touch your mouth or let your tongue come into contact with your teeth. Um, hello. Impossible! It was a sticky mess.

  2. Kate says

    Ha! I can relate to this post Monica…..I dread going to the dentist, even just for a cleaning. One time I had to go get a crown put on. I asked if there was anyway they could knock me out. My dentist looked at me like I was crazy and said it was a really simple procedure. I told him I gave birth to 3 children with no medication and I would rather do that a fourth time than be in his chair! My hands were sweaty and white from grabbing the arms of that damn chair the whole time!

  3. Meg says

    I do not dread the dentist and I am not kidding, I have only had novocaine once in my life. (I’ve only had fillings, no major work). That numb feeling creeps me out beyond belief – like how some people hold ice to their ears before piercing, yuucckkk so creppy.
    The appt. I hate the most is a hair appt! They always seem to take foorrevverrr!

  4. says

    I LOVE my dentist… actually – make that – I love love love my dentist! He is very cool, lots of fun and very practical with his advice. I actually have an appointment coming up next week and am really looking forward to seeing him and his team.

  5. says

    While going to the dentist isn’t my favorite thing in the world, I decided a few years ago to pretend I was at a spa whenever I went. The treatment might not always feel the best, but it’s making me healthier and prettier. With clean teeth to boot!

  6. says

    I used to really, really hate the dentist but I found a good one. Now I actually really hate going to the optometrist, because I get nagged about wearing my contacts too much. You can replace your teeth, but you can’t really replace your eyeballs…

  7. says

    I have invisalign so I go regularly…it always sucks. sigh. But my teeth are getting nice a straight so I just concentrate on that part and think about the frozen yogurt i’m going to have once i’m done with the appointment :)

  8. Chelsea says

    I don’t mind the dentist, but I recently had a root canal and I was super nervous. The dentist suggested I put my iPod on so I didn’t hear the drilling. An excellent idea :)

  9. Jessica says

    I dread the dentist because I could spend that money on something I enjoy, rather than the dentist. Even the fancy dentist with the tv to watch while being poked in the mouth isnt any better.
    And I love my trainer, I bet your clients love you too :)

  10. Molly says

    I LOVE the dentist! It helps that I’m a Dental Hygienist (one of those people that “pokes” you in the mouth).
    However, I do not like hair appointments, making small talk is not my idea of a good time.

  11. Ann Marion says

    I like my dentist, or rather the hygienist who does all the work when I go. He’s great, really funny, and we always have an interesting conversation. I’m not sure if there are any appointments I really dislike, but I do dislike actually calling to make them. I get nervous, especially if I get a machine. I’m strange like that and am more shy online/on the phone than in person!

  12. says

    I hate the dentist too. I can’t open my mouth very wide and my jaw always hurts a lot by the time they’re done. And I just hate the feeling and taste of my teeth being cleaned. Back when I still got flouride treatments, I’d ask my mom to bring me something to drink (usually soda) for afterward so that I could get the taste out of my mouth.

  13. kelly says

    I’m another one of those crazies that likes going to the dentist. I actually find it pretty relaxing. In terms of dread.. um the gyno! Gah.

  14. Krista says

    I can deal with going to the dentist because I really like her, she always makes me feel comfortable. I HATE going to the gyno! Not even necessarily because of the procedures but because of my Dr. She’s always getting on me for one thing or another, she’s like a huge nag! I really need to find a new one, I’ve just been lazy thus far. I also hate going to the hair salon! Ugh, the coloring, drying, blowing, cutting takes SO long. And I always have to go on a Saturday & I feel like my whole day is blown because of it.

  15. says

    i haaaaaaaaaaaaaate the dentist with all i have. the ONE filling i had to get was a terrible experience and makes me hate them even more. i dont think i’ve gone in over 4 years.. oops!

    i also felt that was about my acupuncturists.. he was soooo nice and i loved the benefits of acpuncture, but needles give me the creeps on top of the phobia i have for them. yuck!

  16. Ida says

    I’ve had the same dentist my whole life and I love him, But I am a stress ball the entire visit until I find out if I have a cavity or not.
    At least your clients know you wont be giving them shots of novicaine, no matter how bad the session gets.

  17. Michelle M. says

    I’m going to admit something to you that makes me a horrible person. I have a dentist appt. in the morning. They have sent 2 e-mails , a text and called twice to confirm my appointment. I keep ignoring them. I love my dentist but hate going… it’s just for a cleaning too. How bad is that.

  18. Krystina says

    I actually love going to the dentist…maybe it’s b/c I used to work at a dental office and was actually pre-dent for a little bit in college. I absolutely cannot stand going to the eye doctor. I’ve had a lot of issues with my eyes in my life and I literally get light headed and nauseas when I go. :/

  19. says

    Ooh, I hate, hate, hate going to the dentist. I’ve never had a cavity or braces but still dread it. They’re also telling me to get my wisdom teeth out, but yeah, that hasn’t happened yet.

  20. says

    Confession: I haven’t been to a dentist in YEARS. Lots of excuses. None of them are good. I need to work on this.

    When I was working with a trainer, I looked forward to meeting with her. I knew she was going to push me for a good 30-60 minutes, and she always seemed to believe I could do more than I thought I could. She was equal parts cheerleader and drill sergeant. I really liked her. She’s still my Zumba instructor, so it works out great.

  21. says

    I don’t think people look at their personal trainers the same way as they do their dentists. For one, when you’re at the dentist you can’t talk! I’m too poor for a PT but my mom has one and she loves going to the gym to catch up with him even if she doesn’t love working out quite as much. Also, personal trainers can help you achieve physical results and look better, dentists just clean your teeth which is much less exciting!

  22. Marie says

    I’m the rare breed that LOVES going to get my teeth cleaned and they actually thank me for flossing and taking such good care of my teeth. Your last comment had me laughing hard; not to be pushed off a cliff…just the way you said it. 😉 Love your blog!

  23. Marcee says

    Cannot imagine anyone really enjoying a dentist visit. Gotta do it.

    Our dentist is very sociable. We do talk and laugh a lot. Jokes. Also, that his four kids love candy and hate brushing their pearly whites. Duh.

    Hey Monica …. I really love that blue turq. dentist chair! Fancy and calming. Going to send it to my dentist. His chair is ugly …. I hate brown furniture. Verrrry depressing.

    Hope your appt. was a-ok.

    P.S. For some strange reason …. I am cravin eggs.

  24. Cid29 says

    I usually hate the dentist. I recently found one that I like. I pop a pill to “relax” me and take a nap. I know it sounds bad, but it works! The best part is that you don’t have to worry about drooling while napping. 😉

  25. Denise P. says

    I love the dentist! (I’m a weirdo I know – or I like to say that I’ve just pretty much always had good oral health so no bad memories associated with them.) I have a great dentist now too and my insurance covers everything so I don’t get any surprise bills 2 weeks later than knock me on my butt -like the dentist my dad loves and recommended me too.

    I guess I sort of dread going to the eye doctor now because they dialate my eyes every year because of how bad my vision is and besides having crazy big pupils for the rest of the day, I get a bad headache each time no matter how dark I try and keep my house the rest of the night.

    I’m sure your clients have their days where they aren’t into it at all – but once they are there and getting it done, they are glad they stuck it out and got a good workout in.

  26. Robyn says

    I actually work for a pediatric dentist, and I love every second of it!! It is my goal to create a happy, fun experience for each kiddo so that when they reach adulthood they don’t hate it. My favorite is when I see a little 3 year old kicked back, hands behind the head, shades on and mouth open wide…they are so adorable!! Sorry you folks dread it, but just like speed work, you just gotta suck it up and get it done!!

  27. Lorin says

    That’s how I feel about my body bump instructor right now, ha. I did it Tuesday for the first time ever and I am still sore! It was fun though and she is really nice so I’m definitely going again.

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