Smart Snacking Challenge Continues

Happy Monday! I feel so great after a good night’s sleep Smile I never sleep well the night before races so last night was much needed.

I got a call last night that a new gym member needed a fitness evaluation this morning so I’m headed to the gym at 8am today, usually I don’t go in until 9 on Mondays (every day is different). Since I didn’t do my usual Sunday Set Up my planner is not updated at all – that’s on the agenda for today!IMG_6327 (800x533)

My workout plan calls for 3 miles and strength today. I’m going to skip the run because of yesterday’s race and only do strength later.

I guess this weekend’s hotel oatmeal got me craving more because I woke up wanting pumpkin overnight oats. Too bad I didn’t realize that last night. IMG_6322 (800x533)

I made a big bowl of the sweet stuff: Coach’s Oats, water, 1 tsp. chia seeds, 1/4c egg whites, 1/4c pumpkin, stevia, pumpkin pie spice, peanut butterIMG_6313 (800x533)

Served up in the bowl Ben brought me from Mexico. Lead poisoning here I come! Ben and I decided we really want to visit another Central or South American country this year and have never been to Mexico together. It’s on the short list SmileIMG_6319 (800x533)

Weekly Workouts:

  • M: Strength
  • T: Speed Run
  • W: 3m and strength
  • TH: 40 min tempo Run
  • F: Strength/Yoga
  • Sat: LR
  • Sun: Sleep

Smart Snacking Challenge Update – My 30 Days of Smart Snacking Snacking is over. I did really well for the first 3 weeks and do feel like I’m starting better snacking habits! Unfortunately the last week I started random afternoon snacking again because I didn’t plan ahead. 

I did happen to lose two pounds last month (holiday weight finally coming off!) and didn’t do anything different except for watching my snacks. So, going forward I’m going to plan my snacks here to prevent random grazing. Today’s my full list of eats, but normally it will just be snacks.

  • B: pumpkin protein oats
  • S 1: almonds and apple
  • L: Turkey sandwich, veggies
  • S 2: Popcorn, cheese stick
  • D: Salsa Chicken Wrap and roasted broccoli

Question: How was your weekend?  What did I miss?


  1. Bethany says

    I had a great weekend. I ran Half at the Hamptons, NH on Sunday with my sister and got a PR.
    For snacks I have Synder nibblers with hummus almost everyday. I also love pink lady or honeycrisp apples with a little pb.

  2. says

    I can’t believe how many calories you can add through random snacking, but planning ahead is tricky!! Seriously. Yumm… I want roasted broccoli tonight. Glad you said that and not fro-yo.Haha.

  3. says

    Courtney from Sweet Tooth Sweet Life is in Mexico and I am highly jealous. Looks like a great vaca place. Know where you are planning to go?

    I am planning for the Smoky Mountains, TN for my big birthday bash this year. It will be autumn. So, it should be beautiful. 😉

  4. says

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