Trillion Tangent Tuesday


Hello! How was your Tuesday?! This post is super random, so I’m taking a cue from my favorite Hungry Runner Girl and calling them tangents (instead of unsettling thoughts from the brain of a crazy person). First, lunch - to further prove I am not above putting anything and everything in a salad, I present… Enchilada Salad! And a little dessert – ww tortilla with PB & … [Read more...]

Trash TV Tuesday


I LOVE love love reality TV. It’s like reading blogs, you know if all the bloggers were super rich, always had hair & make-up and fought with each other… So yesterday I got a double dose of fun when two of my favorites came back - Basketball Wives (image source) and Bethenny Ever After(image source) Trash TV thoughts – I am sad that my fave B-ball wife, Evelyn is so … [Read more...]

Enchilada Casserole and FAT Tuesday!


Okay, let’s go back to yesterday for a minute when I went grocery shopping and scored this case of seltzer at Smart Co. And I made salsa chicken in the crockpot. But, I make this fairly often so I decided to use the meat for chicken enchilada casserole. Sometimes my grandma would make this growing up because she said it was easier than “real enchiladas”. Oh, she would make … [Read more...]