Trillion Tangent Tuesday

Hello! How was your Tuesday?! This post is super random, so I’m taking a cue from my favorite Hungry Runner Girl and calling them tangents (instead of unsettling thoughts from the brain of a crazy person).

First, lunch – to further prove I am not above putting anything and everything in a salad, I present… Enchilada Salad!IMG_6617 (800x600) (800x600)

And a little dessert – ww tortilla with PB & chocolate chipsIMG_6626 (800x600) (800x600)

Then, I headed to a meeting at work. We have one one-on-one meetings with our boss and one group meeting each month. Our supervisor always brings snacks for the group meeting, usually it’s fun Trader Joe’s goodies Smile

I grabbed a “this strawberry walking into a bar…”IMG_6624 (800x600) (800x600)

And I shoved this in my shirt for later.IMG_6621 (800x600) (800x600)

I tried to be as efficient as possible the rest of the afternoon, but didn’t accomplish everything on my list. There’s always tomorrow.

Until you die.

And then you’re dead and you’re pissed at yourself for worrying about a “To Do” list on your last day on Earth.

Since I knew I’d be indulging I walked to work for my evening appointments. The weather was perfect and I was fine in a sweatshirt. Happy February to me!!

There were even more snacks in the office and I filled up a little cup of granola since it’s my favorite.IMG_6627 (600x800)

But granola nutrition stats are NOT my favorite. IMG_6630 (600x800)But I ate it and told me co-worker, “Don’t judge, it’s Fat Tuesday!”

She said, “You make my heart laugh.” That’s the nicest thing anyone’s told me in a long time.

I did a few full body moves after my clients and then headed back home via my Chevro-legs. I made 3 pit stops on the way, they were fun stops Smile

Dinner was roasted broccoli, couscous and chicken. All prepared before going into work so I wouldn’t have to begin cooking at 8pm.IMG_6632 (800x600)

The Three Stops were a part of my Mardi Gras Party! sad mardi gras

First, the cupcake shop for a German Chocolate cupcake for Ben. I had a bite and thought the cake and frosting was delicious, but I’m not a fan of the filling (I dislike German cake frosting).

Ben loved it, but says the Oreo stuffed cupcake is still his favorite.german chocolate cupcake

Stop #2 was Yogurtland. I tried to say conservative on my fro-yo picks. You know, after sampling each flavor 5 times…IMG_6641 (800x600)

See you after Easter, lover.IMG_6646 (800x600)

Stop #3 was for an organization tool. I’ll share tomorrow Smile

Final Tangent  of the night = Last Year’s Fat Tuesday was the day Vegas brought a massive lizard in the house!

Ben caught it and we ate friend zucchini

Winner of the Quoran vegan burger giveaway – Lindsay: love.lindsaydoll

Email me your info.

See ya later!


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    I totally approve of the enchilada salad, that looks yum (I’ll empty half of a leftover burrito on a salad often as well). Looks like a great celebration! :)

  2. says

    I’ve been realizing lately how hung up I am on to-do lists too… it helps me remember things and get things done, but I also think trying to check everything off all the time is making me more neurotic! You’re right about not caring about stupid to-do lists if it was your last day on earth 😉

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