Sunday Set Up On Monday


Hello! Since I was MIA from my computer all day yesterday I tried to get caught up on everything today. I worked until 3:30pm when my stomach told me to take a cereal break. When my stomach talks, I listen. Obviously. The cereal was delicious, but I needed some nut butter. PB&J crackers did the trick. And since I was having fun all Sunday I didn’t do Sunday Set Up. … [Read more...]

World Yoga Day, Late


Did you know yesterday was World Yoga Day? Apparently, it’s the day all the world’s inhabitants are supposed to do Downward Dog in their front yard at noon. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that until just now. Oh well. Did you get down with your dog on your lawn? If so, please tell me you took a picture. And send it to me. I really need to get back to going to yoga once … [Read more...]

ICBINB Giveaway


Last night Ben and I stayed up watching TV and ended up getting hungry again. I am really trying not to eat after ate so we split these yogurt drinks the company sent me. This morning I woke up hungry and ate a few bites of Ben’s oatmeal before heading out. Run: My plan said 3 miles, but I wanted to do 5. Turns out the path was closed for landscaping so I ended up doing … [Read more...]