World Yoga Day, Late

Did you know yesterday was World Yoga Day?

Apparently, it’s the day all the world’s inhabitants are supposed to do Downward Dog in their front yard at noon.

Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that until just now. Oh well.

Did you get down with your dog on your lawn? If so, please tell me you took a picture. And send it to me.

I really need to get back to going to yoga once a week. It’s been years since I’ve been that consistent, but my legs are constantly tight and unhappy. It’s affecting my runs, mood and sleep at this point!

So today I grabbed my mat and rushed out the door to make my favorite class. It was packed and I ended up on top of the music table. This was good and bad because I kept glancing at the time… My yoga studio only has 90 minute classes and I get bored after an hour. I think if I could find a good 1 hour class I’d go more.IMG_6928 (600x800)

I considered picking something up for lunch, but decided to save a few bucks and go home. Salad and yam.IMG_6930 (800x600)

But the insides are yellow not orange? The store had lighter on the outside sweet potatoes too, but I wanted orange and specifically got these ones.IMG_6933 (800x600)

Manager’s Special fruit. You know I love it.IMG_6935 (800x600)

The other reason I went to yoga is I have a new yoga outfit I needed to test out! New Balance sent me a yoga top and pair of yoga pants. At this point I’m convinced my hips have the entire universe in on trying to get me to yoga more often!IMG_6940 (800x600)

I love racer back tops! This was super comfortable and I didn’t have to fidget with my top or pants during all the twisty moves (read: me in child’s pose waving the white flag).IMG_6939 (800x600)

Speaking of New Balance… I’m going to be running the Reach the Beach Relay race in May with team Off Balance! New Balance is sponsoring us, hence the name Smileimage

It’s a 200 mile relay race with 11 other girls. Tina is the captain and is organizing the race so I know most of the girls, but not everyone. I’ve never done a relay before and I’ll be flying in from CA when everyone else is east coast. It’s going to be an experience!

Here are my teammates:

  1. Anne P of Fannetastic Food
  2. Sarah of Sarah Fit
  3. Patricia of Run Foodie Run
  4. Tina of Carrots ‘N Cake
  5. Ashley of A Healthy, Happier Bear
  6. Bridget of Yogurt and Berries
  7. Elizabeth of On Tap for Today
  8. Theodora of Losing Weight in the City
  9. Gretchen of Honey, I Shrunk the Gretchen!
  10. This B of Run Eat Repeat
  11. Ali of Food Fitness Fashion
  12. Melissa of Fitness NYC

Ahhhh! My body is so happy I went to yoga. Remind me of this feeling next week Smile See ya later!


  1. says

    What was specifically good about yoga today? I went yesterday, and my practice was so sweet. I felt like I was just diving into my vinyasas. Don’t tell, but I’m skipping Restorative tonight for Group Power/Bodypump!! :)

  2. Mary R. says

    The last time I had champagne was new years. Hmmm…way to long if you ask me.
    I looove homemade mango lassi! I might have to try those out.

  3. says

    I’m so jealous you’re doing RTB! That’s definitely on my list of “to do” races in my life! I LOVE relays, Hood to Coast was the best time of my life and I’m so sad my team got rejected this year. You’re going to have so much fun!

  4. Laura @ Backstage Balance says

    Cute yoga outfit!
    I need to Fonda good studio, I’ve been feeling tight and achy as well, and know that I could be more comfortable with a weekly practice.

  5. says

    You guys will be running maybe 2 miles from the house I grew up in – the last few legs run along the western edge of New Bedford – next to our little airport. Horseneck is a nice beach, too. Lots of sand dunes – looks like a typical East coast beach :)

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